Oops! Flugtag Accident Sends WFOR Meteorologist Craig Setzer to ER


WFOR meteorologist Craig Setzer participated in the Flugtag today, riding this weird looking airplane-on-top-of-hotdog-cart thing off a cliff and into the water. What could possibly go wrong right?

BUmd4nSCYAAGDJjWell it apparently couldn’t fly (shocking!), and Setzer had a rough landing that he got hauled to the ER with a neck brace.


The face thankfully is fine, as are his teeth, so we will be seeing him on the air. “Well it didn’t go as well as I had hoped”, he quipped on twitter after the accident. He got away with just soreness and “no long term injuries” per another tweet.

And that is why kids, you stay at home and play with your awesome new XBOX One.

Photos via @CraigSetzer


  1. If they didn’t have bad luck at that station they wouldn’t have any luck at all!
    Write off another one of their weathermen. If a hurricane hits they are SOL.

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