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Anchor Jason Martinez Leaves WPLG

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jasonMartinez.WPLG.26557292_320X180 (1)WPLG morning anchor Jason Martinez announced this morning on his Facebook wall that he anchored his last newscast today. The news as a since Martinez has become popular with viewers since joining Local 10. The reasons for his departure however are personal, Martinez is moving back to California because he wants to be closer to his two young sons.

Martinez joined WPLG in 2011 from KTLA in California. You may remember he blogged his week-long cross-country trip to South Florida with his wife and kids on Local10.com. About a year later though he divorced, and his ex-wife and two sons moved back to California.

No word yet on where he got a new gig, but we’ll hear soon enough about it.


  1. I’m assuming that Jason must be leaving WPLG Local 10 on his own accord. We’re not sure yet if Jason will be returning to Tribune’s KTLA, or if one of the network O&O stations could be wooing him (those O&O stations being KABC, KCBS/KCAL, KTTV, and KNBC). Hope that 1 of those L.A. stations is considering hiring him soon.

    • If Jason does resurface in LA television it most definitly will be at KTTV, as KABC, KNBC, and KCBS/KCAL are pretty set with their anchor teams. And not so sure KTLA would hire him back.

  2. I would imagine he’s jumping ship before the take over. Might be a smart move. With new owners comes housecleaning.

    And KARMA for those who deserve it

    Wishing Jason well!

  3. So SAD that Jason is leaving Channel 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always liked him–he always seemed to be happy-great smile! I can understand he wants to be close to his children–hope he finds a great position out there. Good Luck Jason, wish you nothing but the best! You will be missed!!!!!!!!

  4. TruthInWords has a good point about Jason Martinez getting out of WPLG amid news of Graham Holdings selling its South Florida station to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway… the station that Ann Bishop (God rest her soul) built over a 25-year span. The rumor mill still circulating about whether or not Buffett is eyeing the remaining Graham Holdings stations (Detroit, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, and Jacksonville). I wish Jason well on his return to the west coast.

  5. Now there’s definitely not a reason to watch Local 10’s morning show, unless Warren Buffet’s team comes in and gives this news station an overhaul. How sad to see this station go from the Ann Bishop era…to Dwight Lauderdale…to Laurie Jennings…to a bunch of cheerleaders trying out to have the most tweats or postings on Instagram and Facebook. If we wanted to watch cheerleaders on TV, we would be watching a sporting match…not the news & weather!

  6. I think it might not have been as spur of the moment as we are being led to believe. I have a feeling that the new Anchor that has been seen on weekends with Jacey Birch and once on the morning (barf) show…Eric (forgot his last name) might have to work with Jen. I don’t consider her one of the “cheerleader” types like MJ, Constance or Dur-duh just a cold fish that has an air about her like she’s too good for everyone. She’s a stick in the mud and needs to loosen up a little. And, the cheerleaders, MJ, Constance and Dur-duh need a lesson in appropriate dressing, enhanced vocabulary, talking and general journalism 101.

    I do hope that with the takeover that someone really watches their current Anchors because in my opinion, the majority of them suck.

    Another new face seen on a more regular basis at the Anchor desk is Janine Stanwood….is she being groomed for something? I know she’s been sitting in for Calvin. Sure wish someone would sit in for Laurie, the storyteller godmother. The news sounds so insignificant when she reports it. Totally lacs emotion…she’s so FAKE. I feel like she’s waving her magic wand in Disney World.

    Channel 4 is looking better every day for the evening news.

    • I love reading these comments…why do women “hate” on other women. Normally I would keep my mouth shut– but I would love Ellen to submit a photo of herself–so we can see how she looks at 4:30 a.m. Julie, Constance and MJ are all beautiful and educated broadcasters! MJ- has a Masters Degree in Journalism– Constance- has won several awards in journalism with over a decade of experience. And Julie–who’s covered the biggest storms in South Florida has be a REGULAR fill-in Good Morning America. Just because you are ugly Ellen–doesn’t mean you should make fun of women who ARE on top of their game…

      • Oh NewsGal…I must have hit close to home for your reaction. Let’s see which one are you?

        I did not say anything about their appearances except that they dress very inappropriately….they are all difficult to understand and in my opinion do not do the news justice. Lycra short dresses albeit men love it and appartenly some women do too…I just don’t think a professional needs to come into work and look like they were left over from going out the night before. Many times Constance can’t even bend to show where an accident is on the screen. These are married, professional women. You don’t see Jacey, Laurie, Betty Davis or Jen dressing in tight, short over body hugging clothes.

        Julie talks too fast and is difficult to understand always talking into the map. The weather is either gorgeous or the sun abundant. Neither MJ or Constance do the traffic well, advising people to go way out of their way to avoid traffic as well as misnaming streets… Atlantic Avenue is in Delray not Pompano. And, when Constance was doing the afternoon news recently and was reporting on the goings on in the Ukraine…I found it quite humurous that she pronounced Kiev as Key-V.

        Oh..and Dur-duh on GMA…maybe once…they did it more often with Scott. And what BIG storms have there been?

        To each his or her own NewsGal…I’m entitled to my opinion and would appreciate it if you wouldn’t put words in my mouth.

        So tell us…who are you?? Where do you report the news?

        • Methinks Ellen that you are an angry person to begin with and use this site to vent… why don’t you watch something else? You use this as a forum to vent your frustrations, show off your bitterness and want others to feel as miserable as you are. Watch Fox news…it’s a better fit for a miserable person such as yourself

  7. I had to watch and see who was replacing Jason Martinez this morning, and it was great to see Jacey Birch anchoring. Not sure if it was a permanent change, or Jen was just out for the day. Hopefully Jacey stays! I would watch again if she was on. As for the new guy…..hummmm, NO!

    • absolutely agree …. and the weather reported by Trent Aric most of the weekend — professional and excellent presentations … even if the weather is bad, it is a pleasure to hear it from him

    • Wow…granted I missed the early, early morning broadcast but I didn’t hear Jacey at all this morning just that Eric person. It seems that Jen is very often off on Mondays. I’m not sure how that works for newscasters.

      And again Contance and Dur-duh are competing in the who can wear the tightest lycra dress. Why wear anything ? They (channel 10) really need to invest in a stylist or the fashion police. I know normally Consatance wears too short Tu Tu’s but today…that was so wrong. And that clown smile that is put on when she’s done with her segment.

      Let’s see what tomorrow will bring…

      • I knew it.

        For the weekends, I would say Jacey will be solo as she usually is. He was probably just given air time to get the feel of things.

        Jason is still around…just saw him do a report of St. Patty’s Day in the area.

  8. He was the last good reason to watch that broadcast. Who is going to tune in to watch 3 cheerleaders and a Yutzy? The guy forgot his name and botched a sports report. They are grasping at straws. Dwight Lauderdale (maybe the best anchor ever in SF) must cringe when he watches those clowns. Good luck Jason. Too bad the jackass management squandered your talent.

  9. Jason is a big loss for the morning news. Would like to see Jacey take his place. Hopefully the new owners can fix some of the changes that have been made. Julie replacing Scott was a big loss for the viewers, but the biggest loss for us viewers was replacing Trent with Betty.


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