This is What’s Going Up Next to WSVN Studios


Space for WSVN employees on Broadcast Key will get even tighter after the North Bay Village commission approved what is by now the third proposal by developer Scott Greenwald who owns the former WIOD site next door to WSVN.

Isle of Dreams North Bay Village

The latest plan is for a 32-story, 340-foot tall condo building at the north corner of the island, where SkyForce’s helipad and an antenna sit now. Attached to it will be a 4-story garage with a pool on its roof.

Whether this project happens or not we’ll have to wait and see, but the courts have so far sided with the property developer. In November a judge in the latest case ruled that per Sunbeam’s 1962 agreement with WIOD the station has an irrevocable right to park on at least some of WIOD’s property.

Isle of Dreams North Bay Village

Isle of Dreams North Bay Village



  1. This station should have moved north and west years ago…just like 4, 6 and 10. Ansin remains cheap and ignorant.

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