WTVJ Investigative Reporter Diana Gonzalez Retires


Diana Gonzalez WTVJ NBC 6 South Florida health and investigative reporterWTVJ investigative reporter Diana Gonzalez, one of the last remaining veteran reporters in this market, has bid adieu to the TV news business. She officially retired from WTVJ at the end of last week.


Diana Gonzalez started her career in 1978 as a general assignment reporter for WTVJ. Five years later in 1983 she moved to WPLG as the midday newscast anchor, and medical reporter, and remained with Channel 10 for ten years until 1993 when she joined CBS as a national correspondent for the network based in Miami. Gonzalez returned to WTVJ in 1996.

She might not be on TV anymore, but you can still follow Diana on Twitter, @DianaGHealth

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  1. Class act who will be missed, hopefully she’ll find another venue for her fine work. Her “Retirement” is just the latest example of all that’s wrong with local Miami Media. She’s a community resource who deserved much better, imho.

  2. John Gerard on

    I loved working with you at at WPLG back in the day and more recently at NBC6. You were always so kind and gracious to me, you’re really a class act. Miami has lost another good one, best of luck to you in your time off. (retirement?)

  3. sportsfreak on

    Hope they don’t replace her with another ditzy air head that can only report when using a teleprompter like the girls on 10. Talk about dumbing down all for the sake of saving a buck.

  4. I guess we can expect more cub reporters at all the stations in their desperate attempt to cut costs in light of shrinking viewership.

    • Never met the lady but looks like a class act. Longevity in this Miami market says a lot so congrats to her on that and the service to the community. I’m sure she won’t miss the biz and estastic to be out what ever the situation, probably soon to be the next Beatriz Canals or D-Lauderdale pumping out commercials seen on your tv. Just the second act so good luck to her.

  5. Longevity, experience and loyalty means nothing at this station. They like to do everything on the cheap and in turn expect high-end results. Good luck with that.

  6. Very sad they’re getting rid of all the people with experience. This station is starting to look like a college news shows. I hate it!

  7. TruthInWords on

    Retirement? Here’s another station that yet pushes out class. you’d think they would TRY to have any ratings at all.

    Done with WTVJ…….

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