MeTV South Florida on WPTV 5.2

Starting today Me-TV is officially broadcasting in Palm Beach County. The digital network known for airing some of the best classic television programs is available over the air on WPTV digital 5.2, and on Comcast channel 216.

Even though they call it MeTV South Florida, the network has been available to viewers in Palm Beach county who use antennas, or have AT&T Uverse, since it started airing on WPLG digital 10.2 because Channel 10’s signal reaches as far north as Tequesta.

Also, MeTV replaces Live Well Network which aired on WPTV 5.2


We mentioned MeTV in January and now the retro TV network has launched on WPLG 10.2 as of Tuesday the 24th. It’s available over the air with an antenna or via Comcast and Atlantic Cable. Oddly Dish Network, Att Uverse and DirecTV do not carry the channel, at least for now. Memorable Television Entertainment, the real name of the channel, will be airing vintage sitcoms, dramas, and even commercials with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Cheers running in primetime.

MeTV is replaced LXTV


WPLG and LXTV (was anybody watching this channel?) apparently had a divorce, and WPLG has already hooked up with another TV network to fill its sub-channel. Come April 24th on WPLG 10.2 will be taken over by another national DTV broadcast network called MeTV.

The network’s name might throw you off at first but it actually stands for “Memorable Entertainment Television”, the station airs once popular sitcoms, dramas and even commercials from the 1950s trough the 1980s. Content comes from Viacom and 20th Century Fox libraries. Their schedule online (MeTVNetwork.com) shows that weekdays in prime time viewers get treated to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Dik Van Dyke and Cheers at 10pm.

MeTV network launched in 2005 in Chicago and nationally in December of 2010.