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Me-TV Launches On WPTV

MeTV South Florida on WPTV 5.2

Starting today Me-TV is officially broadcasting in Palm Beach County. The digital network known for airing some of the best classic television programs is available over the air on WPTV digital 5.2, and on Comcast channel 216.

Even though they call it MeTV South Florida, the network has been available to viewers in Palm Beach county who use antennas, or have AT&T Uverse, since it started airing on WPLG digital 10.2 because Channel 10’s signal reaches as far north as Tequesta.

Also, MeTV replaces Live Well Network which aired on WPTV 5.2

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  1. AT&T Uverse? When did they get Me-TV ??!! I just checked their site & my receiver & found no mention of Me-TV. : (

  2. METV is totally KUL!! i found this station from having comcast for a few mnths..needless 2 say i have dishnetwork now and they dont have it..:( i loved all the shows it had on it from the 80s..is METV only on certain networks??

  3. Me TV
    How about bring back superman on Saturday nights for a half hour.
    I know the show is really corny, but it brings back lots of memories
    When I was 5 yeare old in 1955, it’s like the old Popeye cartoons
    With officer Joe bolton


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