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Summer Knowles WFOR CBS 4 MiamiWFOR have added a third anchor to their weekday morning newscast. Summer Knowles is now part of the morning anchor team although she doesn’t sit permanently with Rhiannon and Josh, they have her reading the Top Stories and some of the other reports and segments. Knowles joined CBS 4 last year from KSLA, the CBS affiliate in Shreveport, LA where she anchored the morning and noon shows so she’s not new to anchoring.

And if it strikes you as interesting, it should. I guess. Some insiders see the move as copying WPLG who added MJ Acosta in March and then gave her similar duties on their morning program not long after. Reasoning aside, CBS4’s morning news actually do well in ratings, well enough that during May sweeps one SFLTV tipster confided their station was “sweating bullets” over how strong channel 4 was performing in the mornings.

WPLG Local 10 News

Tired of Julie Druda news yet? No you are not. You can’t be. Well here is a mega post capping and re-capping what’s up. First though let’s answer some questions since some of you are just finding SFLTV and looking for answers

What happened to Scott Padgett?

What happened with Trent Aric?

Julie Durda debuted to (depending on who you ask) much anticipation and while me and my DVR slept trough it until the last 30 minutes of the morning show it looks as though everything went smoothly. One thing is for sure, at least for now, she has toned the outfits down dramatically. Which can be a good or a bad thing, since many tuned WSVN in to see what she’s wearing. And of course it’s what the radio jocks in town always talked about.

Speaking of outfits. Julie and former co-worker Vivian Gonzalez wore nearly the same color dress. As one reader put it, what are the mathematical odds of that happening?

Julie Durda WPLG Local 10 News DebutVivian Gonzalez WSVN Channel 7 News meteorologist

With Durda’s début there were also new (?) traffic and weather bumpers. They even had a ‘Julie Durda Weather’ bump out on the way to commercials


A promo aired in commercial breaks as well. Unfortunately it’s is one of those man-on-the-street promos I personally love to hate. Predictably it features hand-picked people, plucked out of who knows where, who are very enthusiastic about Julie doing the weather again. Along with the morning news team telling us why we should watch Julie. Oh yeah there are also a bunch of little boys squeeling about how much they love Julie Durda

@WPLGLocal10 along with the rest of the morning crew tweeted photos and welcomed Julie Durda on the team. By the way you can follow her at @Julieon10

Julie Durda on WPLG Local 10 News
Julie Durda. Photo: @ConstanceJones
Julie Durda, Constance Jones, MJ Acosta WPLG Local 10 News
L to R: MJ Acosta, Julie Durda, Constance Jones. Photo: @WPLGLocal10