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Video: WPLG Morning Crew Celebrates Heat Player Chris Anderson


Radio station 790AM The Ticket Miami asked listeners send a ca-caw video in celebration of Heat player Chris Anderson, also known as Birdman. The WPLG Morning team joined in and submitted their own video featuring Jason Martinez, Jen Herrera, Julie Durda, Constance Jones and MJ Acosta.
WPLG Local 10 News team video celebrating Heat player Chris Anderson

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  1. It’s sad to see Local 10 resort to these shenanigans including hawking Iron Man 3 tickets to attract viewers. I like Julie but I don’t like the new make up of the morning team especially MJ Acosta who is just not good to put it mildly. It’s sad that good people got the shaft. They are trying to copy WSVN but they can’t pull it off.

  2. Wplg has become hard to watch!! The morning crew, with there fake “on air chemistry” is just the start of it. They had such a nice morning crew, as well as evening crew. This new weather team sucks to put it lightly…Hard to watch is what best describes Wplg as of late!

      • Okay, I understand it is the news, but who says they can not enjoy the morning alittle and have fun? I would whether see and watch a morning show that is fun and than can be serious at the same time.. kinda of like how GMA is..

        • Except that local news is not doing very much hard news any more. I’ve had to do my own research on what’s going on in the legislature and reach out to the Miami Herald reporter in Tallahassee because the local stations are ignoring what’s going on in the legislature except for the Dolphins stadium legislation. I guess it’s just not fun enough.

  3. And they wonder why they finished in 6th place out of 5 stations. Well now we know where to go for Bartum & Baily clown news.


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