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Did WPLG Mute Complaining Viewers on Facebook?

WPLG Local 10 News

WPLG Local 10 NewsFacebook pages have this feature that allows its owner to let visitors leave public comments on the page itself rather than just under the stories. Well, viewers emailed SFLTV this week saying the feature, called ‘Recent Comments by Others’, is no longer available on WPLG’s Facebook page. It was where angry viewers complained, a lot and repeatedly, about the station’s decision to move Trent Aric and Scott Padgett.Which by the way they continue to do every time a Facebook post about the weather forecast shows up. Skimming trough their Facebook page, I found WPLG made just two mentions of the weather forecast – once on Monday and once this Friday afternoon around 3pm. And predictably both have people asking where Scott Padgett and Trent Aric are.


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  1. WPLG sure has been removing negative comments about there recent changes….It is obvious , they can not handle the truth. There newscast SUCKS now ,morning, noon , and night!! They have ruined here morning and lunchtime newscast the most of all ! There is no chemistry there! It is a sad day when I’d rather watch WTVJ instead!!

    • Totally agree. The quality of their news is in the tank. They are more interested in being entertaining than being informative. Their new personnel now include two former cheerleaders, You would think they learned a lesson with that ditzy Joanna Gomez but no. Seems like they are trying to attract the Haitians in Liberty City more than the hard working family parents in Pompano Beach. Well, when their advertisers realize they are not getting their bang for their buck because the viewership at 10 has no money to spend on their products they will go elsewhere just like I have done. Big mistake. Trading quality for quantity. Its going to be a sad sweeps for a once top notch station.

  2. The source of all the stupid changes at WPLG is the new CEO, Emily Barr. Obviously a very out of touch manager, who is behind the times. Emily is dumb enough to think adult women want to watch other women present the news and weather, when these women are on air because they are a token or have such low standards of themselves that they would allow themselves to be paid to do nothing but “model” clothing that is too revealing. It is sick and sad. I am embarrased for Julia and Betty. Too bad they don’t have higher standards and not allow themselves to be used in this manner.

  3. Their news hurts to watch. They would be better served to [play dirge like music. My colleague Ann Bishop and myself are turning over in our graves watching this garbage!!!

  4. WPLG’s Facebook page is a mess. They kept posting so much fluff and useless material that I had to unlike them. I think they are at right now where WTVJ was a few years ago in regards to anchor shuffling and format problems.

  5. Trent Aric was on tonight doing the Saturday 11pm weather. At the end of the show, he mentioned that he’s also going to be doing tomorrow (Sunday) morning’s weather too, starting at 5:30am. Is this nuts or what?

      • Yes, I watched the Sunday morning show and saw that. So none of the other 3 meteorologists on staff could work that morning? Trent had to work 11pm Saturday show and the 5:30am Sunday morning show. nice.

        • Can’t speak to scheduling. But it’s not uncommon in the news business. Vivian Gonzalez at WSVN did a marathon recently working weekends then subbing for Phil Ferro nights and then showing up from 5-10am the next day.

          Lisette Gonzalez subbed for David Bernard recently too after doing the morning newscasts.

  6. Im not sure what is worse, management moving a pro like trent aric out or the public’s desire to have julie durda give us the weather, they wouldn’t have hired her if the ratings didn’t justify it..its really sad, the weekday morning show is an absolute joke, wtvj morning show is really the only one that isnt filled with silicone, yikes

  7. It was nice to see Trent doing the morning new today. However, WPLG would not be a place I would want to work, good luck Trent.


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