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Exclusive: WPLG Moves Scott Padgett to Weekends

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WPLG Meteorologist Scott PadgettWPLG morning meteorologist Scott Padgett has been moved to weekend mornings. He effectively takes over for meteorologist Michael Smith who is leaving the station and clears the way for Julie Durda to start her weekday morning gig starting Monday April 12. That puts Durda right up against her former co-workers at WSVN. You didn’t really believe they’ll let her do weekend weather did you?

And after watching yesterday’s and today’s shows, I can see why viewers are reacting so strongly to the changes on Facebook. The show is heavy on personality and their ability to riff off each other’s humor so Julie would have to do a lot more than just talk about the weather.

Any way you look at this though, it is a demotion for Scott Padgett, who joined WPLG in April 2008 from Oklahoma City FOX affiliate KOKH where he worked as the chief meteorologist. And doing a bit of guessing and matter, he probably extended his contract with WPLG in April of 2012 so they can’t fire him and he can’t quit, but as tv news contracts go, there may be an out clause in it. Those are usually in the second year of a four-year contract, allowing the talent or the TV station to part ways legally, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see him leave for another gig. Unless he really loves living in South Florida.


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  1. I really hate all the comedian wannabe humor in the morning, Yeah im talking about you Mr. Martinez.

    Love the rotation of all the Hot Chicks doing Traffic.

    • lol Totally disagree. Scott and Jason seemed like real friends on the set and they, along with Kristi Kruger used to make some good news. It was kinda more like a Mom and kids type of scene but I thought the jokes were decent.

      Now Jason Martinez looks like Hugh Hefner on the closing shot of the morning. WPLG trying with extra sex appeal. I liked the subtleness of Constance Jones and Jacey Birch on the news when it was just them. oh well…

      • Mornings have not been the same without Scott and Kristi. There was such an ease to the morning show, and now the show is barely watchable. Oh well, another viewer lost…as if management even cares. Best to Mr. Padgett.

    • I agree…Kristi, Jason, and Scott had great chemistry. Julie Durda seems good but do miss Scott . And what’s up with all the ladies in barely below the crotch dresses? Is WPLG looking to attract more viewers based just on sex appeal? Not sure why they went and changed such an awesome and interesting morning crew but it truly disappoints me.

      • I’m totally disappointed. Channel 10 is starting to look and sound like Channel 7 with all the *eye candy* doing to the news, weather and traffic – total joke! Best wishes to Scott and Kristi. Jen is good but Kristi’s the best. Julia – go back to Channel 7.

  2. Admin: Thanks for all the great work you do on this website. I enjoy keeping up with it.

    I hope Scott does well for himself in light of all these changes. I think he does a terrific job on the air .

  3. Station management is showing Scott and Trent the door. Both will be released from their contracts as soon as they find work elsewhere.

  4. WPLG should also get rid of the anchor desk so that Laurie, Jen and JC can show off their legs too. The male anchors will have to wear tight shorts so that they can show off their assets too.

  5. I have a reliable source at the station, Steve. My source also tells me that decisions with Scott stem from “off-the-air” matters. Some time ago, I’m told that there were concerns with “questionable behavior” and conflict with certain staff at the station. Those issues combined with declining viewership led management to begin looking for a replacement. While it appears to the public that he is being pushed aside to make room for Durda, the fact is that the decision to begin moving him out had been made before Durda was even available.

  6. What a dumb move by WPLG management!!! Scott is the ONLY meteorologist at Local 10 that knows his stuff. They have really destroyed their morning show. I for one will not be watching their weekday AM show starting Monday. Nothing against Julie Durda. I will switch my channel to WFOR starting Monday.

    I shared my opinion about the changes to Dave Boylan earlier this week and all I got as a responses was as follows: “Thank you for your feedback on the changes. Very helpful. Thanks.” What does he mean by helpful??? He’s CLUELESS!!!

    The owners need to step in before they continue their downhill attempt to get rid of all their viewers.

    • from what I know, Post-Newsweek Station bosses in Detroit have the last word on all on-air talent changes. It’s not a unilateral decision by Boylan

  7. Face it. It’s all about ratings, not how good someone is or how many letters of support management gets for the talent. In the numbers game, Julie Durda has more potential. Doesnt matter if her forecasts are accurate or not. Best of luck 10. I used to watch, but just like I switched from 6 to you about 2 years ago, I’ll probably flip around the dial again starting Monday

  8. I hear that Julie is going to have a wardrobe malfunction and pop a nipple in the first week to get the buzz going. Then week 2 drop the remote and bend over and split her skirt. The wardrobe department is already testing different break away pants and skirts along with a remote control shirt that will pop buttons on cue.

  9. They have bigger problems than weather. I tuned into their morning newscast for some update info and instead both the women on the show were DANCING instead of giving us news. Sad.

    • That’s the state of news in 2013. It is sad. Also the poor news judgement on what to put in the show and where they are slotted.

  10. I’m going to miss Scott Padgett 🙁 best on air talent, even better than the NY meteorologists. Def tuning out to WPLG just like I tuned out of the Today show due to the unethical treatment of their people.

    And one more thing….Sam, “questionable behavior?” Stop acting like you’re an insider when you’re hiding behind a keyboard stuffing your face with high sodium Cheetos.

  11. Scott is one of the few credible meteorologists on air today and he has a great and likeable personality. WPLG is making all rookie mistakes with all of the changes they are making, which are slowly eroding the credibility of the entire station as a reliable news source in the South Florida news market. I stopped watching and went back to WTVJ NBC6.

  12. I am boycotting WPLG as of yesterday! I have always watched their weekday AM show, but not anymore. I’ve switched to WFOR. I will only be watching the Local 10 weekend morning show, as I did this past weekend. Local 10’s management did a huge mistake by making all of these senseless moves in their weather team.

    • I agree with you 100%. I am boycotting their weekday AM show as of this week. I will be switching to WFOR. Big mistake with the changes. Scott was great with the AM weekday team. They all had worked very well together. It just does not feel the same.

  13. Scott Padgett is horrible. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. It was as if I was watching a toothpaste commercial. All the man does is smile. I don’t even think he enjoys doing the weather. I think he enjoys look back at himself in the monitor. Good grief, that guy was lame. Lame, corny and depthless.

  14. I miss Scott!!! I personally think he’s talented and it’s just not the same, I have officially tuned them out starting this morning. I hope there are better and bigger things for him in the near future and he can get out of the weekend gig! If their ratings were hurting, I hope they plummet!!!

  15. Oh PLEASE….Julie Durda?!!!! She was a tight shirt, short skirt, and push-up bra on Fox. Put her in something classy and she couldn’t keep her job one week. Betty Davis has class, style, enthusiasm, intelligence, and is gorgeous. Scott Padgett did a good job reporting the weather also. What’s wrong with Local 10? It might have been better for Julie to have tried a fresh market. I’ll watch Betty but will flip channels on Durda.


  17. i live in the bahamas and i watch local 10 news every morning, why did you move mr. pagett from the wheather news. my opinion is that the new employee for wheather should have started weekends only because mr. pagett is a senior officer as it stands. i feel that was a demotion for mr. pagetT, PLEASE, PLEASE put him back to morning news. he is an excellent officer and deserves and also earns that title.

    sandra Bahamas

  18. I’ve been watching Local 10 in the mornings since 2005 and I never thought I’d consider switching to another station. I refused to watch the others because of the same “bimbo-esque” behavior I see popping up on Local 10. I loved Scott during the weekdays, and moving him to the weekends was a mistake. If viewership was declining, Durda definitely wasn’t the answer. Betty would’ve been a better choice as she adds class and professionalism to the news. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll watch in the evenings.

  19. Sad what they have done to Scott. Who cares about the “questionable” actions. If it didn’t make the paper, I’m not concerned. What company doesn’t have employees who do “questionable” things? As long as an illegal action didn’t occur – WTFC?

    WPLG will have their KARMA in the ratings — or there lack of.

  20. I haven’t watched Channel 10 in the morning since Durda started. Her dull, soulless delivery puts me to sleep. Even a push-up bra can’t salvage that snooze-fest. Dump her and bring back Scott. That on screen camaraderie between the morning team made it enjoyable to start the day with…. Unlike now!

    • I agree, Scott is the best and I miss him.He is the best weatherman on 10 and to be asked to fill in for Sam Champion on Goodmorning América says something. They just don’t pick anyone to be on that show. As for Durda, don’t like her and I can’t believe that we have to subjected to seeing her picture on local Broward County buses. Bad switches at local 10, I will also be looking for new morning station to watch, and I have been a loyal viewer for over 26 years!

  21. I am so upset at local channel 10 news for switching everyone around and not having the decency to let its viewers know anything about it. Trent Aric and Scott Padget are great meteriologists. With hurricane season 2013 approaching they have the nerve to give us new faces. Nothing against Betty I think she’s great but I like Trent better. I hate Julie I agree with all the previous comments. I have been a loyal watcher for decades since Dwight, Anne and Don Noe. I will be switching immediately. Don’t like the lineup. They better get another lineup quick before they lose all of their loyal viewers.

  22. I won’t be watching WPLG any longer, I will tape Scott doing the weather in the mornings though. It was the only thing worth watching. Everyone else is terrible…….I hope Scott will land another spot with the competition. Everyone I talk to a work loves the guy and so do I.
    Management at the “old boys” club at Channel 10 need to stop promoting tits and ass and concentrate on the real job of delivering the news sports and weather. Its not a strip joint, at least not yet.

  23. I have also been a loyal viewer of Channel 10 news in the morning, but I have now shifted to another station. You have managed to totally destroy my interest in your news, by the horrible changes you have made ! Scott Padgett, for instance, was a breath of “fresh air” in the morning, and he is an excellent Meteorologist. Do you feel that it is somehow important to have a “woman” doing the weather ? Your other changes have been just as bad, so bad, that I am NOT a viewer anymore

  24. Wow.. I go out of town for a few weeks and what happens. The one weather person that I turn to everyday gone. I guess if you are articulate, dress well, smile (what’s wrong with that) and most importantly know your job it makes since to get rid of you??? Well I guess T&A trumps all that! Don’t really care what news folk do on their own time or behind the camera. Stupid move by management. They did you wrong Scott. Going to another station (weekdays). Maybe get weather report from Hooters?

  25. Scott Padgett was the best ! I miss him and the way the old team interacted ! Stupid move ! Wplg!!time to switch for me!

  26. What an incredible mistake was made by WSVN! Scott Padgett added knowledge and class to your program. Julie Durda is a boob who always looks like she just left a nightclub after a rough night. And Kristie Kruger being relegated into obscurity, turns my stomach. You have lost a faithful viewer of many years.

  27. loved the morning news with scott and the crew!! do not like what you all have done!! would rather watch fox news,which I really hate!!!!

  28. Scott is on “vacation” this week and posted a comment saying that on Facebook. It carried a location of Southlake, Texas. That is northwest of Dallas, TX. I would assume this to mean he’s using his vacation time to look for a new apartment to live in after he moves to his new station. I can’t find out any information yet as to what station he’s going to so let’s see if anyone else knows.


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