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Julie Durda Bio Up on Local10.com; She Worked Somewhere in Miami Apparently

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So Julie Durda’s bio went up on Local10.com the other day. It’s really nice and detailed but there are two things that caught my attention. One is that for some reason the published date shows as Dec 27, 2011 at 5:21:20pm, that’s odd but nothing. They probably just re-used an old post.

The other thing is this, or rather what’s missing from the sentence below:Julie Durda WPLG Bio Omits WSVN

From there, Julie moved to a local Miami station where she became South Florida’s #1 morning meteorologist.

She worked elsewhere in Miami for 5 years, you just don’t need to bother yourself knowing where.

Maybe that’s why there an extra 1,000-2,000 people a day that have found SFLTV in the last few days while searching Julie Durda online?

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  1. If you click on her name in the quick clips box on the site the publish date domes up as April 8. There is also a link for her email there. Strange they have that December date showing on the opening page. Even stranger is the PLG is not announcing yet all these supposed changes……Kristy just doing news reports now at evening newscast instead of any anchoring……Trent has been gone for over a week and his picture removed from the graphic at bottom om local 10 page with Will, Laurie and Dwight. They put Betty in the graphic.

    • Betty moved to weekday nights and Julie starts weekday mornings this Monday. Trent and Scott are on their way out (but reassigned to weekends until they find something else) and things with anchors are still up in the air.

  2. If I were Trent or Scott I would be more than a little annoyed that JD is getting all this attention as the MVP for Local 10 and she hasn’t started yet. I find it strange that there haven’t been any tv promos by now. Local 10 seems kind of disorganized with the anchor assignments too; no consistency. That said, I look forward to Monday. Local 10, please do me a favor and keep Jacey on the the air forever though.

  3. One wonders how we’ve survived the last months without Julie in the mornings. I wonder if WPLG will put up a Julie countdown bug in the corner of the screen and change the weather only website to JustJulie.com. Well, now that she’s coming back on Monday, the skies will be clear blue, no rain and no hurricanes.

    Why aren’t all the women up in arms about WPLG changing the weather format to show the women’s legs? Isn’t that considered sexist in 2013? WPLG should post a sign on their front door saying “white men need not apply”. Max and Michael Putney might be next to be replaced by young women.

    And doesn’t WPLG say that it is #1 at 11pm? If it ain’t broke, why are they fixing it?

    • Pablo, as a woman, I find it a bit disturbing that WPLG has an all legs view. What are we watching? The weather, or … personally, I’m tired of hearing about how “hot and sticky” it is in Florida… duh… also tired of hearing “friends” and “folks”. In my view, these stations are desperate for ratings as evidenced by the clothing, legs, whispering forecasts. Whatever happened to ratings the old fashioned way… based on the performance of the weather person, not the body, legs, clothes, etc.

  4. I changed watching chanel 7 because I did NOT like this woman, she was engaged and unengaged and then engaged again, it goes to show she she will not hopefully be staying. Scott Padgett was such a jewel and funny person how can you move him to weekends that is such a shame. I thought the Today show messed up with getting rid if Ann Curry but this is just as bad, she has no personality, she does does make any viewers as I can see through the previous response that a lot of other people are as highly up set about her being there every morning, I guess I will have to search for another station, I though local 10 in the morning was great until I finally see she is there and I am a very unhappy person, I do not know her personally, AND I have watched her on chanel 7 and I think you made one of the biggest mistakes, unhappy viewer !!!!!!

  5. Channel 7 (WSVN) has always inflated their stories and full of over-actors. Julie Durda was always a refreshing, real, delightful personality that always lighted up the screen and never seemed to get caught up in the ‘gossipy’ swill like the others on 7.

    I have always appreciated the real, uninflated, honesty of Channel 10 that seems to have been anchored by Dwight Lauderdale and continues with Laurie (a completely classy lady).

    So now comes Julie Durda. Bottom line, I think this will be a great mix and Julie will blend wonderfully in a short period of time when all become adjusted. With Julie being on 10 in the morning, I am now ALL Channel 10 – all the way. This truely was a great management decision that should come to be recognized as brilliant in the near future. MANY WSVN morning viewers have, are, and will continue to make the switch. Julie was the final catalyst needed for this perfect solution.

    Welcome back Julie. You were very missed! You have now really moved up in the local (weather) news world to a higher level of quality.

    P.S. — Jen H. … I’ve always loved you – still do. Watched you grow and bloom over the years. Make Julie your friend. Monday morning didn’t show the class we have come to expect from you. Play nicely. Still love you – just know people are watching all angles.

    Channel 10 (WPLG) – now at the top of the real local viewers’ choice list.

  6. I do understand why women are up in arms over this Julie Durda person. I take a little trip to a coffee shop each morning, and the men are not watching the weather. They are watching her over-sized breasts stuffed into too-tight clothing, and always hooting and hollering at the tv screen trying to get her to turn around on camera. It is very tiresome to hear every morning ‘did you see what Julie has on today?!?!’ They should have left her at WSVN – they have that sleazy reputation anyway. I always thought Channel 10 had a little more class, but now they’re bringing in the TTF (too tight factor!) to gain ratings – i’ll go watch the weather channel or look at justweather.com.

  7. Every station has a snitch. Someone always tells the truth to someone. So it seems Julie seems to think she is something special and deserves special treatment, making demands, and the worst part Channel 10 is jumping at her every command.

    Her clothes are too tight and she stands as though trying to touch the sky with her boobs. She has way too much makeup on her face and that smile with her sultry attitude is enough to make one want to bust their TV.

    Ch. 10 got rid of Michael Smith to move in Julie. One must just shake their head on that one. I would love to see all of the other weather people at Ch. 10 just walk out and leave the station with their pants down.

    Why did they design a new weather screen just for Julie? Who smiles through the entire forecast? Is she wearing a battery operated clit tickler? Vivian Gonzalez Ch. 7 is acting just like her.

    Speaking of Ch. 7, seem Ch. 10 finally got in the gutter with them when they brought Julie on board. I don’t watch their channel any longr. I don’t like getting nauseated first thing in the morning. This woman is repulsive.


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