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Exclusive: WPLG Moves Chief Meteorologist Trent Aric to Weekends! /Updated/

WPLG Local 10 News

Trent Aric WPLG Local 10 MeteorologistUpdated: To clarify. Trent Aric will no longer be the chief meteorologist, obviously. Betty Davis will be the new chief met when she takes over. And for those who may not know, Betty was a Weather Channel meteorologist for 5 years prior to coming to WPLG in 2011.

This is not really announced yet but rumor has it WPLG chief meteorologist Trent Aric has been moved to weekend evenings! Betty Davis appears to be the one chosen to take over his weekday duties at 5, 6, and 11pm.Betty Davis WPLG Local 10 Meteorologist

If this is true, it is quite the change considering Trent was hired and groomed to be the replacement for former WPLG chief meteorologist Don Noe.

I don’t know why this is happening and I’m not sure anyone does either except WPLG and Post-Newsweek management. There is speculation that the changes at WPLG are driven by Post-Newsweek Stations management in Detroit and not locally. Or that local management is making them but the bosses in Detroit have the final word.

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  1. So if this is the case where does Scott Padgett stand. I know on his Facebook page he said he was going to weekends and doing some entertainment news.

    • I also feel Trent dies his broadcasts very well he is precise and very clear on what the weather will be . Betty is pleasant and sweet but the connection to the viewer isn’t there please bring Trent back he’s such a great guy . Don Noe was his mentor and was excellent when he was on the air .

      • Channel 10 doesn’t care what their viewers think. They think we are fickle and won’t last with our leaving the station. I go back only when Max is on with her…..otherwise I would never see Channel 10. At least this time she did not interrupt Max during Hurricane crisis…but boy she was sure watching his screen and couldn’t wait to chime in. I have never ever connected with her and will never understand why they took a smart man who connected with south Florida and put him weekend evenings….what a slap in the face.

  2. Well, Betty is really good. She was with the weather channel for years. So if they make her “chief”, that’s not a bad thing. I feel bad for Scott and Trent. I think they both do a really good job and find their forecasts to be pretty accurate.

    • I agree that Trent does not deserved to be off the prime time schedule. I like his explanations about weather.

      I like Betty a lot (very sexy) but I cannot always follow her analogies.

      But a change is good .. for viewers like me .. keeps me guessing .. and I will change channels to listen to different weather reporters.

  3. Betty Davis is WPLG best asset the lady knows how to deliver the weather reports. She is the first black weather person to lead a weather department. Besides looks she really knows her stuff.

    • Trent was Don’s protegé and Don studied under the Master, “Uncle” Walt. Betty may have been something at the Weather Channel but, not having “paid her dues,” she hasn’t a clue to the sub-tropical peculiarities of South Florida weather.

      She continually makes asinine assumptions based on temperate climatology and the only reason I will tune in will be to hear from Max.

      When a real storm hits, if she’s still around, it’ll surely render her a greater babbling idiot; however, it will be fun to watch. . . . Until, of course, they call out the “A-team” of Max & Trent.

      • I just came back to Broward, but Thank going back to Boca soon. I was a big fan of 10 years married here in 59.
        but, I don’t like now was happy when Trent was made the top job. Betty looks like she is made of spare parts.

        • “Spare Parts” is a compliment, she is a replacement for a fan favorite, Trent Aric, he not only knew his stuff but when he was doubling up with Max, everything made sense.
          I just received this email, obviously I was confused as to what had transpired back in 2013. I wrote an email and never got a response, it would seem that the ‘Powers’ that be are more interested in the Black, White PC issue then the talent and competence issue. I had been a loyal WPLG follower of the 6 PM local news and weather, NO MORE! Wonder why a racist AH like Trump is even in the running for President, in a way this is a microcosm of the political divide, when a good White ‘person’ is replaced by a Black that is either equal to or less competent purely for the optics. The woman so turns me off that I no longer watch WPLG local News. I so much perfer CBS, which of course leads me into the National News.

      • The joke’s on you if you’re still around, old raggedy hag. People replace people every day. If a white person is replaced by a white person it’s ok but God help them if the replacement is Black? Obviously, the trailer park is missing one of its angry, racist !rash.

    • “She is the first black weather person to lead a weather department. Besides looks she really knows her stuff.”

      Besides what? Is it unusual to you for a black person to know their stuff?

      I’m not sure you speak for NBC, but why does the color of her skin matter? Why would you even bring that up?

      • It would seem to me that affirmative action is taking over here. Meteorologist Trent Aric is a much better weather forecaster and deserves to have the top spot. As for Betty Davis, she is a complete turn off, perhaps it’s just a short coming of TV but she looks undernourished, and nothing to look at. I think it’s less about ability and more about the color of her skin.

        I agree with Jo Wood Aug 5, 2015 at 6:34 PM
        Thank you NBC South Florida for your comment….we are the public who watch your station or used to watched your station.
        Betty gets under my nerve giving her weather report so much that I switched to CBS 6 PM and 11 PM. At 6:30 I switch to CBS Nightly News.
        How you think you moved for the better is beyond me……We like people we know and give accurate weather forecasts not guesses.

        Here it is 3 years later and still the same Betty Davis who annoys me and most people I speak with.

        What is this racist BS….”She is the first black weather person to lead a weather department.” So it doesn’t matter about your viewers just about race.

        NBC also lost a lot of viewers because of it’s over reaction with News anchor Brian Williams, perhaps the best anchor on TV. Ok, he fudged a story on a nightly Late Show, perhaps he should have been suspended for a week, I no longer watch NBC Nightly News.

        • Dumb ars… Affirmative action is to get people in the door because some Co. Universities, etc. were not accepting people due to their skin color. after you’re in, you’re on your own. Usually, you have to perform even better than others so you are not dismissed. Affirmative action can not help you afterwards. Betty had been in the fields for years. Hoping your fly trap has been silenced!

      • Why do u even have to comment her color. Always something racial, she needs to rethink some of her clothes, like her, but do not wear those white Capri pants again on tv..not

        • Is it appropriate for Julie Durda to wear white Capri pants? It’s ok for a white personal but not a black? There we go again with the racial crap. Enough is enough.

      • It mattered to WPLG obviously so…. anyway it’s irrelevant because Betty Davis is super hot and I’d much rather look at her regardless of what she knows versus the other guy.

        • Does anyone read these replies? Betty Davis is a disaster, she is unattractive, and a complete idiot, matched only by the ass who switch her for Trent!

    • Thank you NBC South Florida for your comment….we are the public who watch your station or watched to station.
      Betty got on my last nerve giving her weather report that we switched. At 6:30 we switchback to Nightly News.
      Where you think you moved for better is beyond me……We like people we know and give accurate weather not guesses.
      Here it is 2 years later and still the same Betty Davis who annoys me and most people I speak to.

      What is this racial….”She is the first black weather person to lead a weather department.” So it doesn’t matter about your viewers just race …. hmmmmmm

  4. I wonder why Trent was demoted? Did he piss off someone at the station? Nothing against Bette though as I think she will do a fine job.

  5. I do not know the reasoning behind all these changes going on at WPLG. But sometimes when a new boss is hired, he/she shakes things up to distinguish them from their predecessor. Are similar changes going on at the other P-N stations or just PLG?

    This must be doing wonders for the the morale at 10. What kind of message does it send to anyone thinking of working at a P-N station?

    • I know many people who don’ her and I truly understand because she isn’t what we had and ….please have someone one who can’t look like Betty Davis who ,looks like she can’t stand food …Trent was the best after Nolan and I’m done with local 10 and I know of 100 people that feel the same…..enough you won’t be number 1 and so many loved Trent…… never will watch local 10 because of this…why do you screw the best…..

      has a per 5tso thin and not what anyone and on and on..we don’t care foe her ans in the neq

  6. Amazing Change as Trent Eric had me watching Channel 10 a lot. Now, I’m back to watching the others. I’ve got used to Channel 4 & Channel 6. but now I’ll add Channel 7.

    AMAZING CHANGE…not for the better.

    • Definitely not for the better- not even close!! Just the annoying, unfortunate reality in Dade and Broward – it’s either dark or hispanic. It’s not about quality, it’s just about quantity. By the way, way too many!

    • Totally agree. I had been a loyal 10 viewer since Ann Bishop days but am now fed up with the changes. We’re trying out 4/6/7 but definitely NOT 10!


        • Thank you, so great to see Trent today. He’s so great doing the weather & good to look at too. Please keep him at 5, 6 & 11 weekdays!!!!!

          • Betty is not so great and to lkook at her very thin body…why???”???? Trent was and is better to listen to and look at…..can’t understand why they did this so very not happy as so many that I know…..

          • Trent is the best of all the meteorologists … gives a great presentation that is so clearly understandable …. always professional … well-dressed and extremely well-liked

            I switch to another channel when he is not available

  7. Well, well, nothing against Betty, but,Trent Aric & Max are reason I watch 10 weather. Now I will switch to NBC 6. Just not right what the powers that be are doing.
    Trent is just great!

    • This is the final straw! You have now lost me as a viewer!! Ms. Davis is awkward and terrible to watch! My high school daughter could do a better job than Julie, and with more clothes on! Trent Aric was in the same league with Don Noe, who was my favorite. You did a great job with Calvin Hughes replacing Dwight and with Laurie Jennings replacing Kristie, but this is rediculous!!! Unless Trent Aric comes back, I am gone!!! I will watch a station who cares about reporitng the weather in a way that is professional and reliable! I cannot believe you treated Trent like this, I sure hope he finds a way to sue you! I have never written to you before, but this is so outlandish that I had to let someone at your station know. I do so knowing that you are going to do what you want and you obviously do not care what your viewers or should I say “now previous” viewers think or want. I will again be a loyal Channel 10 viewer if you bring Trent back.

  8. Stop hating on Betty Davis!!! Trent was dry with his weather reports and lack personality. Betty is a smart woman and stop the hate because she is black. WPLG is known in this market by breaking the color barrier when it comes to a leading roles that is dominate by the white male or latin male. Give Betty a chance! Everyone was pissed when Dwight Lauderdale who became the first black male leading anchor. Betty is qualified and the station wants to do something different. Ch.4: White, Ch.7: Latin, Ch.6: Latin, Ch.10: Black (woman). See the difference? The station felt like it’s the right time to make a change.

    • I really don’t think people have an issue with Betty’s ethnicity based on the posts, so let’s not make it about that. It is great to see a young Black female advance to such a position, but more importantly, we need to loom at competence.

      I find her on-camera presence awkward (from her voice to her sharp movements and strange mannerisms). She may be very smart at forecasting she lacks on air grace in my opinion. The real test will be during the next hurricane coverage.

      I know it has been said before but it seems strange to do a complete shake-up with every time and also play musical anchors.

      I would also guess that Scott and Trent are going to be out soon. Their weekday salaries are probably too high for WPLG to renew when contracts are up… I can only imagine they will wind up trading down for their replacements.

        • I agree with Jason & Janice on this one. I don’t like watching Betty. It has nothing to do with her capability but all with the delivery of her report. I watch them every morning and I tune out both with the traffic & weather reports. I did prefer Trent.

      • I agree with Jason, this has nothing to do with Betty’s ethnicity. It has to do with her on air presentation. She is just not in the same league as Trent. His broadcasts were sharp and informative. The team of Trent and Max Mayfield made you feel you were getting the best possible
        information. No matter what channel I was watching I changed to channel 10 because the Team of Lori, Calvin, Trent & Will was the best. Changing even one member of this team effects the whole chemistry. I haven’t enjoyed the broadcast since Betty joined the team. I guess I’ll be checking out the other channels. Be smart and bring back Trent.

        • Agree. Not ethnicity but awkward body movements. Leans in ,leans out, leans to the side. in general is not terrific to watch or listen to. Trent Aric is so much better and I feel his talents are not put to good use one day per weekend. Shame when someone from out of town (Detroit?) starts changing the whole dynamic. I am becoming fond of John Morales on NBC. Like Brian Williams better then Diane Sawyer as well.

          • I know what you mean about the awkward stance when using the maps and I think it’s because she is tall and sort of ducks down a little. It looks like she is taller than Trent and Scott.

            Also, if Julie Durda uses the word GORGEOUS one more time to describe the weather, I’m going to pull my hair out although I guess I won’t have to hear it for the next few rainy days. And, I wish she would get that frog out of her throat. Her voice is horrible…sounds like she just woke up. I just can’t stomach her. Seems like the weather has become more important than the news….too much air time. Since when is such in-depth weather reports that important?

            And, while I’m at it, the traffic people need to get their act together. There are so many mistakes..today MJ said South Road instead of State Road (SR)as well as 135th AVENUE instead of STREET when reporting about I95. She’s painful to listen to whether reporting traffic or her social gig. Even Constance makes stupid mistakes when reporting. Like Atlantic Blvd. is in POMPANO and Atlantic Ave. is in DELRAY BEACH. Also if there is an accident on the turnpike why would you suggest US1,Federal Highway as an alternate if in Broward County???? That’s way off track.

            Does anyone monitor their newscasts and give realistic critiques?

    • Why are people always trying to pull a race card when someone expresses an opinion against anyone who is black???? The thing I really like or shall I say previously liked about Channel 10 is that they had more class than any other station. Putting Julie on in the morning is NOT class, but pure sex!! She belongs back on Channel 7!! (Can you say weather girl in clothes that are 3 sizes too small and shoes that are 3 inches too high!) She has toned it down a little for Channel 10, but not nearly enough! They are trying to attract viewers with sex instead of class!!! It is not a race issue at all! Trent is a MUCH better meterologist than Betty Davis! Betty is much classier than Julie, and would be fine for mornings, but not for prime time. I will stay watching Channel 10, but only for Laurie Jennings and Calvin Hughes. I will flip to the Weather Channel for the news until they bring Trent back on prime time. I always liked WPLG for their class and that they did not sensationalize the news. Well they have now lossed the class, I am praying they do not lose the sensationalism as well. Please bring Trent back, he is really, really missed!!! It looks like Channel 10 is doing the same thing that the Marlins owner did!!! Look what happened there!

      • Why do they break what is not broken!! Have watched channel 10 for 40 years!! Always considered

        their reporters and weather people the BEST!! Really miss Scott Padgett in the mornings, Trent Aric

        in the evenings, Betty Davis on the weekends, or filling in on mornings. Julia Durda is a disgrace,

        talks like she has marbles in her mouth and stuffed into her clothes!! WPLG is losing their class act

        and looking like channel 7!! Which is where Durda belongs with all the other weather

        bunnies………..no longer am enjoying watching channel 10!!

      • Could not agree more. Guess sex sells more than competency. What a shame. I used to enjoy channel 10 because it didn’t suffer from bimbo-itis. Now that channel 10 is a wanna-be channel 7, I’ll be tuning out.

    • The problem I have with Betty Davis is she has been here a year and still doesn’t know the names of the places around here. There is no place named “Homeline” as she said on a recent newscast. And Dania Beach is not pronounced Danya Beach. She also can’t point to a darn place on the map. I have no faith in her and won’t be watching during hurricane season when you need to trust the people telling you what is going on. Just bad moves by bosses not even in the area. I like channel 10 for the local news they give that nobody else does. The May sweeps will tell.



      • i think the women all look like they are going clubbing or something. short, tight clothes that accentuate the boobs.
        AND, by the same token, why arent Jason and Calvin and Victor in speedos or something.?
        dont watch anymore………………


    • There u go again with the racist crap, can’t say anything about a black, like they are all wonderful, need to stop

  9. i think Jason’s comment is right on about Betty. She seems to be uncomfortable in front of the camera which is odd given her resume. This is a bad move by PLG and they will find themselves dead last of the majors shortly regardless of Julie Durda’s prescence.

  10. This move does NOT surprise me. At WPLG, it has always been about musical chairs. Many talented people get sick of it and are smart enough to leave. But those who stick around just have to grin and bear it. What kind of a station does that? How do you expect us viewers to be loyal to your station if you are never loyal to your own employees? PLG is always about the “next best thing.” Trent gave you years and years of time, dedication and heart and you demote him to weekends? It’s happened with so many people there (Matt Lorch, Neki Mohan, Charles P.. the list goes on and on and on). This has nothing to do with Betty and everything to do with how that station treats its staff. Open your eyes.

  11. This decision definitely was NOT made by local management. Miami is all about having that look and “persona”, which Betty does not have. Betty, however, IS talented, knowledgeable, personable and a heck of a meteorologist…she definitely paid her dues, has the experience and deserves the chief met chair. I could easily see her as Chief in other markets, but not so much Miami…I am glad PLG knows what’s good for them and put her in the spot she deserves. Betty will be fantastic.

    Like much of Miami’s talent, Trent has classic good looks but lacks in other departments. Didn’t he come to Miami with 1 year of experience and from market 100+? With Hurricane-prone Miami, I am sure PLG will play on Betty’s experience to attact viewers. Let’s face it…while Julie Durda is beautiful and personable, she is just another “hot” weather bunny and wouldnt be too respected by everyone in the wake of a hurricane — she is perfect for being beautiful in the morning and cheering people up…NOT as chief.

    In the end, It’s also obvious that people at that station are getting shafted (Trent) and it sucks.

    • Betty is NOT chief. She is merely a token. Very sad and pathetic attempt at ratings increase that will bite Emily Barr in the ass. Betty is a disgrace to mature, intelligent female viewers. She needs to eat something also, a very bad example, looks like she has an eating disorder. Put the weather team back the way it was, professional, knowledgeable and a good example to all.

  12. Whoever thinks we don’t like Betty becasue she is black is looking for a reason to claim racism. I find her delivery annoying and have been watching her quite a bit. As a matter of , I am so disappointed in her awkward delivery, I came online to find out where Trent Aric was!
    I am a woman, it’s great they are excelling but I don’t like her on screen delivery, period. She may know her stuff but there has to be some kind of personality draw and she just doesn’t have it

    • I agree, Eileen. I’m black and I really don’t enjoy watching Betty at all. I always enjoyed watching Trent’s segments and was really disappointed to tune in nightly to see this gangly woman that used to be on in the early morning suddenly on in Trent’s place.


  13. When was the last time a a station has blown up their entire weather department? Guess it is better now before May sweeps than in the middle of hurricane season. I hear that Max Mayfield will only be doing hurricane updates on the 11pm news repeats at 1:07am!

    • That is GREAT news!! Max Mayfield may have experience but it’s time for full retirement! I cannot understand one word when he does his reports. He is lackluster, boring and only delivers information sent from the Hurricane Center or NOAA. Anyone is capable of telling what to do and what to have during hurricane season which has no bearing with the idiots that seem to wait until the last minute and end up in the free ice lines or buying plywood when the storm is near or has passed.

      As far as Betty, I like her… yes, she seems to have issues with making the icons work on the map or clicker but she has personality, speaks clearly and makes a nice presence.

      Not that she has anything to do with weather but Jacey Birch really needs to be more real. She tries too hard to be funny and put on a everything is hunky dory report. Her fake laugh and fake happy go lucky presence and jokes throughout her newscast makes me feel like I’m listening to a kindergarden book reading with the fairy godmother with wand in hand. She tries to show an interest in sports when leading into that segment but seems so awkward while doing so. I wish she would tone her plastic fakiness down. One good thing though is what she does for the animals.

      Do I dare share my Laurie Jennings critique? Another fake.

      • As much as I love JC, I didn’t realize she came across that fake all these years but you make valid and (hilarious) points worth reading. Can you please share your Laurie Jennings critique and anyone else worth mentioning?

      • YES please let us all know your thoughts on LAURIE. I refer to her as MAKE up BAGS

        I want KRISTI !!!!!
        Scott and Trent

      • I am personally a big fan of Jacey Birch and am glad she landed the evening weekend anchor role. She has worn a lot of hats at PLG (including weather!) and I think she does a nice job. I personally don’t see her as fake, but to each his/her own!

      • Love Jacey and Kristy Kreuger. They are smart, funny and NOT STUPID. Laurie Jennings needs to be force-fed cheese burgers as she looks anorexic. Betty Davis should get some physical therapy sessions to overcome her stick-figure awkwardness. Julie Durden… well what can I say? She is the epitome of weather bimbo (but seems nice enough). It’s too bad female reporters on tv are judged by their looks, but they perpetuate the problem.

      • Fully concur. Betty is too awkward, Constance needs to be on ritaliin, especially now that Julie is there. She is trying so hard to ooze sex appeal and changes her voice until it sounds like nails being scraped. She always has this cheshire cat smirk on her face which is so annoying, especially if she is reporting something serious.

        Can’t take Laurie’s voice and her anorexic look. No one even tries to be real, except for Kristi. Betty tries too hard; she knows she, like me, can’t wear those terribly high heels. Since Julie was added, Betty doesn’t know who she is. She reminds me of Chicken Little, and I am a proud black woman.

        My jury is still out on MJ. I’ll miss them all especially now that I have begun singling out WFOR for my viewing pleasure although I can’t take Brian Andrews since he returned. He is so loud. Blam it on Cynthia.

  14. I’m very disappointed to find out Trent Eric won’t be doing the evening weather report.
    I’m a black person…and I do not like Betty Davis delivery of the weather. She does seems uncomfortable in front of the camera. She has these stupid jokes all the time to cover up her nervousness. Chanel 10 is always moving their epode around. JC Berch, Brian James, Kristy Kruger, Constance Jones. You don’t know who your going to get when you turn the TV on to Chanel 10.

  15. I like Betty a lot but I also love Trent and Scott. I was very loyal to them and I am very disappointed in the new changes.

    • I totally agree! Love Trent and Scott, great meteorologists and they always deliver the weather report professionally. Extremely likable and trusting! Am terribly terribly disappointed with WPLG, and will definitely watch the weather on other stations. Guess this station really doesn’t worry about viewers leaving them for another station. Wherever Trent and Scott go, they will definitely be successful!! It’s WPLG’s lost, but they probably don’t care. I am missing those guys already!! They were GREAT!

      • I’m floored by the way these ladies dress. They seems to be competing with each other. Julia Dora, MJ Acosta, and Constance Jones. They wear these very tight, short outfits is not a good image for the TV station.

        • ^^^^This

          And of the three, MJ seems to dress more conservatively (at times). Interestingly, she is the only of the 3 who isn’t married (AFAIK, though she has mentioned a boyfriend, and seems to be wearing some sort of ring on her left hand…)

          • evidently WPLG has forgotten that it’s audience tunes in to hear the news and weather in a professional and intelligent manner — they have lost us for sure

  16. Betty Davis is not a good fit, has nothing to do with her ethnicity or her being a female. She is just odd and I don’t appreciate silly jokes and verbal meanderings when listening to the weather, I would like Trent back on evening and Scott and Kristi back in the am. As for Julie Durda, I have never watched Ch. 7, so I don’t know her style. However, as she came on this morning, I promptly switched to another channel. Boycott anyone!!!

  17. This is a huge mistake! Really, Betty Davis in prime time? Since Trent took over for Don Noe he has stepped right into the the WPLG way and has done an amazing job. Then you add Max to the mix a few years back and with the two of them covering tropical systems there wasn’t another station in town worth turning on. Think about the expertise and experience Trent has gained in the last decade at WPLG. Are you really going to tune in to watch Betty? She has been here less than two years and has no local knowledge of our community and hazards. I am a local 10 viewer and thought Trent had been on vacation the past few weeks. Guess it’s time to find a new station to watch. The only reason I watched WPLG was for the weather coverage. Laurie and Calvin bore me to tears. I think WPLG will realize what a mistake this is once the severe storms start rolling in daily and heaven forbid we have a hurricane this summer/fall. A few weeks ago she stumbled all over the newscast when we had hail in Broward county. She doesn’t seem to have an in depth knowledge of weather, the radar or the area. And shame on you “NBC South Florida”…race? Really? Viewers want competent weather coverage regardless of race, gender, etc. We had that in Trent…now we don’t.

    • True Pauly, if you do research on this,Emily Barr new CEO at Post Newsweek seems to be the one responsible for all the changes at WPLG. Apparently she thinks her viewers are all ignorant and want to see bimbos delivering the weather. God help us all in south Florida during hurricane season if we have to rely on Judy and Betty for accurate forecasts. Changing stations during the week.

    • I too have changed from channel 10 since the new weather format was added. Betty and Judy are pretty to look at (?????????), but I and all my friends do not approve of their reporting abilities. If Trent and Scott are not returned we will not be watching channel 10 except on weekends. Advertisers will soon get the message I hope.

  18. You Don’t do people WRONG


    if I wanna see that I will turn the Playboy CHANNEL On

  19. I am boycotting WPLG as of yesterday! I have always watched their weekday AM show, but not anymore. I’ve switched to WFOR. I will only be watching the Local 10 weekend morning show, as I did this past weekend. Local 10’s management did a huge mistake by making all of these senseless moves in their weather team.

  20. Please, these changes were long overdue. Channel 10’s decision to go the superficial route with empty smiling heads blew up in their face. Trent, Scott, and Jason are honestly all horrible. Having to suffer through their meandering dribble and lame jokes is simply excruciating. They lack any kind of hometown feel and originality and Kristi Krueger was the icing on the cake. Who knows what the hell she was talking about at times. Either she is going senile or she doesn’t leave her gated community. Betty Davis is a welcome addition back to the real world. She may seem odd because the rest of the anchor team is so shallow.

    • Pat W. I am not sure what station you are watching. Betty D. is extremely awkward on the air and has shown daily the past few weeks that she lacks the knowledge to handle storms let alone severe weather. You say she has “hometown” feel. How? She is from the Atlanta area. According to her bio, went to school there, worked around there. This appears to be the first time she has ventured far from home. She doesn’t fit in at all. She is over the top annoying in her phrases and mannerisms. Very forced. If you have watched her reports she isn’t familiar with the area at all…city names, landmarks. My contacts at 10 tell me she has drug issues as well and that is the reason for the extreme skinny frame and extreme nervousness covered by strange analogies. I am also told she will not be the Chief Meteorologist because she is not qualified and that 10 will not have a Chief. I will agree with you Pat that Jason needs to go. Good looking man, but obnoxious. Scott and Trent in my opinion were great. Betty is a downgrade.

      • I agree, she comes off as odd because it doesn’t look as if she is part of the team. It doesn’t appear that they welcomed her at all and comes through to the viewers on a daily basis. Trent is from Indiana, Scott is from Kentucky making them virtually neighbors and Jason is from I believe California. No one is from the general region. The trio comes off as very stand offish and hand picked based on looks, in my opinion. Betty coming from the Atlanta area, just makes me respect her more knowing how hard it is for a woman come up in a male dominated field without looking and acting like a swimsuit model. Besides the fact that she worked her way up on The Weather Channel with multiple degree’s. Replace the “talking heads” and she’ll fit in fine. Competence reigns supreme and as stated before, superficiality blew up in their face. The talk of her on drugs is just another sign of the “cool kids” picking on the skinny girl because she looks different.

      • Susan…Dumbest post of the week. Congrats!!
        Who are your sources? Who are you is probably a better question?
        People come in all shapes and sizes. Betty is not a druggy at all. She is simply thin.
        Nothing wrong with that.
        If you have not noticed….no on air talent at WPLG is portly.
        Post a pic up of yourself. Let’s see what the masses have to say….

        Betty is as qualified to be Chief as Trent….or whatever they want to call the position.
        Per her Bio…she worked in Charleston, SC – Raleigh, NC – The Weather Channel in Atlanta….and now here.
        I do believe she and Trent are the only Mets on the team that have an AMS, NWA and CBM seal.

        I do believe most of the posts here are current WPLG employees or folks from competing stations or folks who use to be on-air back in the day……and not the viewing base (which really matters as ratings are KING). What does that say about some of these negative comments?
        Easy to hide behind your keyboard aint it?

        Trent and Scott are both outstanding weathermen…..but change is part of this business. It is what it is. TV news is no diff than a TV show…and has undertones of casting.
        Here today…gone tomorrow.

        Not certain what is next for Trent/Scott…..i wish them the best.
        They will be fine I am certain.

  21. WPLG would be making local TV history with Betty Davis as its first female chief meteorologist.

    Other major TV markets with female chief meteorologists and/or lead weather anchors that I know of…

    WNBC New York – Janice Huff
    WFLD Chicago – Tammie Souza
    KYW Philly – Kathy Orr
    WPVI Philly – Cecily Tynan
    WTTG D.C. – Sue Palka
    WGCL Atlanta – Markina Brown
    KXTV Sacramento – Monica Woods
    KNSD San Diego – Dagmar Midcap

    • Sorry. That “history” was made about 20 years ago with Maria Genero at WCIX-6. She was there post-affiliation switch until they started making big name hires like Soper and Norcross.

      • I stand corrected on that. I agree with NBC South Florida on Betty being the first African-American chief meteorologist.

  22. Eric also add the first African American meteorologist as the lead. Trina Robinson is the first one but Betty Davis is the first lead. Pat. W I totally agree with you she is different and she shows more realness than the other ones. No Betty Davis is not on drugs she is a vegetarian and always was skinny. Betty did a good job today delivering the weather report. I believe its more of Post-Newsweek in Detroit that is actually making those on-air talent decisions. So far I like the new morning team line-up Julie Durda does fit in well at WPLG she is much more comfortable with them than at WSVN. She also, has toned the slutty dressing a little bit. Jen Herrera should have stayed in the evenings. Constance is pretty good anchoring the news with Jason and show a better chemistry than Jen. Jacey Birch does come off as fake but she is a strong reporter and Ross Polombo should be promoted to weekend evening anchor. Next thing the station should do is change the set and music and end the sharing of helicopter video with Ch.4, Ch.6 if you change different channels same shot and they beat WPLG on breaking news and they are using their helicopter. Everyone should stop hating on Betty Davis give her a chance!!! Remember when Don Noe left and Trent Aric took over everyone was negative of the change but Trent did prove himself. So it was not WPLG management but the company choice that was made. Also, Kristi Krueger may be leaving soon, but she is a great health reporter. The demotion to just noon anchor happened to Diane Magnum then later booted.

    • I agree with you about Betty…I really like her and her personality. Everyone is so worried about hurricane season and because she’s from Atlanta feel she isn’t knowledgeable. Don’t they get the information from the Hurricane Center and report it and if one is approaching then the Director of the Hurricane Center ends up giving the information and they just pass on the information. Honestly, what is so great about Max Mayfield? All he did is draw circles on the map and really, could anybody understand what he was saying? I think that’s why Trent was always by his side…to decipher what he was saying.

      Still not keen on Julie Durda although quite surprised to see her skirt at her knees today. But she does not have a good voice for reporting. It’s rather annoying when she ends with that schreechy froggy voice. Never watched WSVN with all the women in the morning. Looks like a plastic surgery office. But I know that working with all women (byotches) is horrible. So there is always one that doesn’t fit. Besides, I like GMA and could not watch 4 hours of repetitive news with the same people.

      As far as Jacey Birch…. I like her better as a field reporter or on special assignments than as an anchor behind the desk. To sum it up beyond seeming fake and too happy go lucky, it’s all her giggles and saying everything with that big fake smile that I find so annoying. Watching her is like listening to the fairy god mother reading fairy tales to children waving her magical wand. You don’t always have to smile when you talk…it doesn’t make it look like you love what you’re doing and having a hunky dory time. And when she introduces the next person for sports or weather she says such stupid ad-libs that to me come across as unnatural and awkward. However, I think she did the traffic reports better than anybody. And, I do appreciate her concern and compassion for animals.

      • I agree that Jacey is a good reporter and did great work on the traffic reports. Only she has the talent to report something so boring and uninteresting like traffic with so much enthusiasm and passion. It never dawned on me that came across so fake on the anchor desk but those dogs from the animal shelters really, really like her.

  23. I wanted to set a few things straight after reading the posts on this blog. First and foremost, Betty is not the chief meteorologist here at WPLG. According to management, the station is doing away with that title. Betty is not qualified to be a chief. She earned a BA in English at Spelman College and got her “on-line” certificate from Mississippi State University. She lacks the meteorological knowledge, computer competency and management skills to run the office. It would be weird to have two other meteorologists in the office (Scott and Trent) that are more educated and more credible reporting to her. Things have been awkward at WPLG. News Director Bill Pohovey and Dave Boylan are clearly on the hot seat and fearing for their jobs. According to them the decision to move Trent was forced on them by the new CEO Emily Barr who wanted to see a woman during the week because all the other stations had men on during the weeknight. Add to that the research WPLG conducted that showed they registered really low in the african-american community. Since that research last fall WPLG has not only started doing more stories in black communities (Gratigny Park restoration) but hired MJ Acosta, Tamika Bickham, Aiyana Cristal, while promoting Constance Jones and now Betty Davis. The motto around here is white men need not apply. It is no secret that WPLG has slipped in the ratings especially with the new meters and according to the research firm a large number of those meters are in african-american homes which is why WPLG is going after that demographic. It is a ratings grab by management to keep their jobs. The handling of all the moves has been very unprofessional. Secrets, lies and rumors have plagued the newsroom for months and continue about more moves to come (Calvin Hughes, Will Manso). Pohovey has made it clear to several of us in the newsroom that he does not agree with the move to switch Trent to weekends. This move was made solely on race and gender, based on research, nothing more. We will see how it all plays out. Betty has already stirred things up in a negative way with her demands to management and newsroom producers now that she is in the new time slot. She is making it clear all she wants to do is show up, put on makeup and go on tv like she did at the weather channel. Things are bad and the moral at the station is horrible. They had Scott training his replacement Julie Durda. Max is supposedly unhappy about the move, Julie has made it clear upon her arrival that she came to WPLG to work with Max and Trent not Betty and according to her around here in the morning this week informed her agent to keep her on the market. And yes since Emily Barr officially took over in January we are copying WSVN. Barr’s theory is if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. So we are changing writing style, staff, promos, music, design and concept. The new talent coach even told the anchors and reporters to be “more like 7”. This is not going over well in the newsroom. There has been a mass exodus of producers, writers and executive producers over the past few months. I am not far behind. It has become a miserable place to work.

    • What??

      You folks kill me…

      Trent was doing the morning show somewhere before being the chief here. Remember??
      So how is Betty not qualified or less qualified???
      How are they more “educated” than her? I do believe she and Trent are the only Mets on the team that have an AMS, NWA and CBM seal.
      Do tell..
      Killing me with the comments… SMH

      Trent and Scott are both outstanding weathermen…..but change is part of this business. It is what it is. TV news is no diff than a TV show…and has undertones of casting.
      Here today…gone tomorrow.

      The comments about Betty and Julie are absurd as well.
      Julie did not come to WPLG to work with Trent/Scott. That is funny…but you get no trophy for that one.
      If Betty wants to come in and doll up (as you put it) and do her thing….how is that any diff than Trent coming in and doing his thing??
      Did Trent have someone producing his shows so that he could show up and go on air?
      You dig a lil deeper on that one….you will find your answer.

      Moving on….The problem as I have come to understand it….is that WPLG has never cared about ratings, they cared about profit (hats off to em…cuz I think their revenues place them at the 2 spot in S FL).
      And…..the managed the station that way.
      Come on… less than 1000 people watching the morning show (M-F)??? That is horrible.
      Viewership like that is no longer acceptable.

      The new CEO wants both revenue and ratings.
      Change is in the air my friend whether you like it or not.

      Susan…Dumbest post of the week. Congrats!!
      Who are your sources? Who are you is probably a better question?
      People come in all shapes and sizes. Betty is not a druggy at all. She is simply thin.
      Nothing wrong with that.
      If you have not noticed….no on air talent at WPLG is portly.
      Post a pic up of yourself. Let’s see what the masses have to say….

      Betty is as qualified to be Chief as Trent….or whatever they want to call the position.
      Per her Bio…she worked in Charleston, SC – Raleigh, NC – The Weather Channel in Atlanta….and now here.
      I do believe she and Trent are the only Mets on the team that have an AMS, NWA and CBM seal.

      I do believe most of the posts here are current WPLG employees or folks from competing stations or folks who use to be on-air back in the day……and not the viewing base (which really matters as ratings are KING). What does that say about some of these negative comments?
      Easy to hide behind your keyboard aint it?

      Trent and Scott are both outstanding weathermen…..but change is part of this business. It is what it is. TV news is no diff than a TV show…and has undertones of casting.
      Here today…gone tomorrow.

      Not certain what is next for Trent/Scott…..i wish them the best.
      They will be fine I am certain.

      • The most recent BIA/Kelsey report has WSVN at $95 mil and WPLG at $70.6 million, for 2011 I believe.

        That said, I don’t know anything about running a TV station even though SFLTV in alternate universe is a TV station, but WPLG’s problem is that the newscast feels stale not so much that people leading it are the problem. Veering off in WSVN territory can backfire since they’ve built their image as being the polar opposite of WSVN, even almost mentioning them in promos while stressing how they don’t do hype, and the whole we’re all family people…

        I think what happened is that WTVJ returned from the grave last year and caught everyone with their pants down. Though WTVJ are copying WSVN to an extent, sometimes blatantly (News Never Stops), Team 6 is everywhere etc

      • Just to set the record straight for me, I’m a local viewer with opinions (some critical at that) but nonetheless I say what I perceive and believe I’m fair in what I say. I enjoy watching the news and like when it is reported in a professional, interesting manner by people I like to watch.

        So the majority of the others are in the industry? Interesting.

      • Betty has never produced her own work in her entire career. She was nothing but a weather girl on the Weather Channel. The real meteorologist are behiind the camera doing the forecasting and graphics. All she does is show up, put on her wig, lots of make-up and read her script. Compare old photos too. She appears anorexic now.

        • Nope…
          Dead wrong Pat.

          She produced her own shows and the Chief’s shows in Charleston, SC and Raleigh, NC.
          The Weather Channel…it is a major network. What do you expect? World class met’s with world class support.

          I would be willing to bet she has produced Trents shows for the last year….and Trent was the one to roll in put on his wig, lots of make up and read his script!!

          BTW….the hair is real.

    • Checked out Betty’s profile….and you fail to mention she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Spelman and the “certificate” you refer to is a B.S. in Geoscience from Mississippi State University…..and she holds all of the seals that are avail to mets…

      Ok…she is not your cup of tea and you are buddies with the old crew and you guys play in the sand box together…I get it….but neither Trent/Scott came from a major market much less have major network experience.
      Why marginalize her with your depth-less comments?
      When/if Betty’s time is up…..folks will be moaning about who replaces her.
      Subsequently, this thread will revive itself….but will have new characters. lol

      Mgmt said their hands were forced huh?
      Being dead last in ratings does not sit well with leadership…

      I doubt Trent or Max had the “secret sauce” in terms of luring Julie to WPLG.
      Prove that one to us….please. lol

    • I’m very upset that Trent is not on during he weekdays. I’ve missed him he very articulate. If I were him I’d leave and go somewhere he’s appreciated. Betty is okay but looks way too thin. I’ve enjoyed channel 10 for years and maybe it’s time to switch to NBC 6.

  24. Betty Davis joined the local 10 weather team in the fall of 2011. If she looks familiar, perhaps you remember her from The Weather Channel. Betty spent nearly five years on the national scene working as an on-camera meteorologist for the network. Before departing, she was co-host of “Weekend View,” The Weather Channel’s highest-rated program.

    Betty has worked in several television markets, including Macon, Ga., Charleston, S.C., and Raleigh/Durham, N.C. While in the Tarheel State, she braved crippling ice storms and traveled to the Carolina and Gulf coasts to file reports on hurricane preparedness. She has done just about every job related to television, from rolling teleprompter to “ripping scripts.” Early in her career, she even spent time as a writer for CNN Headline News.

    Betty has worked with some of the best and brightest in the business, including severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes. Forbes was on the development team of the Enhanced Fujita Scale — the scale that rates tornadoes. From severe thunderstorms to land-falling hurricanes, Betty has extensive experience covering major weather events. She holds the CBM seal from the American Meteorological Society and a seal of approval from the National Weather Association. Betty is a magna cum laude graduate of Atlanta’s Spelman College. She holds a B.A. in English. Also, she holds a B.S. in Geoscience from Mississippi State University.

    Betty is a native of Preston, Ga. When she is not standing in front of a weather map, she is dreaming up new and creative ways to deliver the weather story for the day and trying to keep up with her 4-year-old son, preteen stepson and husband.

    • If you are going to “quote” information from the internet, get it right. Betty’s training from Mississippi State was online classes. So we are going to rely on an English major to forecast during hurricane season????

      • Mark D….does The Weather Channel not count in your eyes?
        These folks cover global weather events. Not just lil ole South Florida.

        Betty has been “forecasting” since 2000…….with her English Degree, her BS Geosciences from Miss State and her NWA, AMS and CBM seal.

        Another fact for the uninformed….many on air Met;s today all over the country attended Miss State (virtually might I add) for the same degree (more or less) Betty has.

        They seem to be doing just fine…

        I’d have more respect if folk would simply say “she aint my cup of tea” versus trying to marginalize her by saying she is on drugs, her hair is not real, she cant forecast, she is not qualified, etc etc.

        Geez folks.

        • Mark, by your comments you must be her husband or her agent. All you are typing is a bunch of fluff and phooey. About the hair…..no way is it real. Sorry that upsets you. She does NOT produce her own work and does no forecasting. We all know why she was moved to primetime and it is sad. If I was her I would be embarassed.

          • Neither my friend…
            Never met her…but a fan….like many other viewers.

            I am a student of the industry if you will….retired airforce and dibbled/dabbled in the TV business. (o:
            Big Weather Channel buff too (my peers and I tuned into TWC all the time…quite familiar with all of their talent within the last 15 years)….and now I happen to live is S Fl.
            But what I say is truth…not anecdotal.
            Fluff has never gotten me anywhere in my career. I call it as I see it…
            She confirmed on-air while at the TWC her hair was real. She was answering viewer questions live on TV.

            I am certain each Met at WPLG has help to an extent….but I am willing to bet she as well as others shoulder some burden when it comes to forecasting.
            Water under the bridge…

            By the comments here from folk who obviously know her….you’d think she just fell off the turnip truck last week.
            That Sir is laughable to me how some folk discount/marginalize everything she has done prior to coming to S Fl.

            Why was she moved to primetime?
            Apparently the market spoke….and she is where she is.

          • Everything aside, think the Today Show debacle speaks volumes about the market.
            This is not the way you do things and I’m sure they would like to undo what they’ve done!!

  25. Can’t believe the folks at WPLG is hating on Betty Davis. You have an issue that a black woman replaced Trent. Trent was boring delivering the weather he should go to a larger market. The other meteorologist at the competing stations was better than Trent. I’m watching Local 10 now and Betty is doing a fine job she stands out more and that’s what viewers are attracted to. You look at her and say she is weird or skinny but its something I like about her and the information she gives out to viewers. I met Betty last year at the Dolphin Mall event very approachable and humble and just a cool lady. Just give the woman a chance…

    • To NBC South Florida, check your grammar….then kiss your bottom good bye during hurricane season if you are going to rely on Betty for accurate information.

      • TO MEGAN….SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! Betty knows what she is doing and you need to write a better sentence because it did not make any sense!!!

      • Wrong Megan.


        Betty has been more accurate on weather patterns than the competing stations this past year.
        Better yet…the WPLG team has been more accurate than competing stations.

        Hat’s off to all of em (WPLG team).

        • Wrong Mark (Betty’s Agent or Betty herself)…………if Betty would happen to give an accurate forecast it is because she is provided with the forecast and graphics. She simply appears on camera and mouths the words, points to the wrong locations on the map and acts awkward. Sad situation for WPLG

  26. Just a few comments: I started watching 10 because I hated the style of 7. Big boobs, in-your-face news, sleezy style, etc. Since 10 is starting to look more and more like 7, why should I keep watching? I love Betty. I also like Scott and Trent. I’m not happy with the moves, but I’m okay with them. Michael seemed like a nice guy, but just didn’t fit. Julie is just okay. She’s not bad. But it’s not a reason for me to watch. As far as Max, he might be the former Hurricane Center guy, but his speech impediment is SO bad that I can’t understand a word he says. Get rid of him! His credentials don’t give him enough to justify not being able to understand him.

    On a non-weather note: Laurie Jennings does an okay job. I cant say I love her or dislike her. She’s just there. But Calvin? Boring! If it’s true what “WPLG Manager” said above, that the station is going after the African American viewer, then get rid of him. He’s more caucasian than me! He has no expression and puts no feeling into into the news. He’s like an actor trying to read a dramatic script. Awful.

    One last thing: The way to beat someone in the ratings is to copy them? Since when has that worked? Good luck WPLG. You’re going to need it.

    • @Just some guy…. agree with you on so many points especially Max Mayfield and Calvin. I think Calvin would like being a sports reporter..he always has something to add before and after Will Maso does his report. Now, as far as “miss goodie two shoes” Laurie Jennings, she just seems to read the news and doesn’t “feel” the news. IMO, she lacks an emotional involvement and interest with no depth to what she reports and says. That’s why I don’t think she made it on CNN. All she seems to care about is looking good on the set. Another fakey type more like a storyteller reading to children. Both she and Calvin if away from the scripts and teleprompter,would be more effective reporting the news on Sesame Street in their coordinated attire.

      WPLG, stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s and create your own uniqueness.

  27. I just want to watch and hear news and weather, and I thought Kristi, Scott, and Trent were doing an excellent job, it seems WPLG is running a Miss America contest and the heck with the news, I changed the channel this morning. I would hate to be an employee of WPLG

  28. OMG! Enough with the Affirmative Action!You folks at WPLG want so much to be a knock off of chanel 7 WSVN,you have made that clear by hiring everyone you can from over there! All you need now is Craig Stevens and your good to go! I’m disappointed in all the changes! I will now switch to 7 news.Its the same thing anyway!!!

  29. I can almost guarantee that this out of nowhere, Betty, will drop the ball during hurricane season when things really heat up and then brass heads will role. This is so out of the blue I can’t even imagine the resentment going around at that station. Just have to hide and watch. I wish her the best but………..

      • Betty has already dropped the ball several times on severe weather coverage. She is a puppet, she has to have someone set up all her work. She won’t last, the station has set themselves up to be embarassed.

        • Parnell, Parnell, Parnell….

          Give me facts vs blanket statements.

          When did our lovely Betty drop the ball this past year?
          Surely you are not referring to “clicker” issues? Technical difficulties my man…
          Sh*t happens sometimes when you are doing a live show.

          Setting up her work?
          Dont know for sure but I would be willing to bet she has been helping set up Trent’s “work” this past year. That is how the depts are set up in the larger mkts.

          I bet every damn station in S Fl has some sort weather producer or “help” for the Chief.
          Miami is not Meridian MS… lol…… where folk are expected to handle everything.

          Miami is a top 20 mkt last time I checked.

  30. I came here to find out where Trent went, as I think he and Scott Padget are the better meteorologists on Local 10. (John Guaraldi made me want to pull my hair out, and Michael Smith is… ok). Loved Don Noe, love Max Mayfield. Even remember when John Gerard was at WPLG. I agree with the commenters who think the real test will come during hurricane season.

    As for Betty, you can infer from her delivery that she is very unfamiliar with South Florida. Some of her banter is a little awkward. In the beginning I thought it was new job jitters, but I think it’s just her personality, which can be funny.

    THAT BEING SAID, holy hell does she have a hard time technically! She struggles with her remote nearly every night. She gets stuck on radar screens, tries to change tools on the screen, moves to the wrong regions (e.g. up instead of down) — all the time!! ALL. THE. TIME. The other night she was trying to read specific rainfall totals falling from one particular storm cell, and spend 15 awkward seconds on it, ultimately never getting the thing to work. Everyone had trouble once in a while, but this is a very regular thing. I DVR the 6 p.m. and watch the 11, and 4 out of 5 times there’ll be some awkward fumbling then a rush to the finish to make up for lost time.

    It’s a shame they’ve completely taken Trent off of evening. Scott is also a good fit there. I like Betty, but it would be great if she practiced more off-air.

    • Once again…

      Technical difficulties.
      Get a damn system that other major players use.

      Can YOU make that recommendation to mgmt?

      • Mark, isn’t it funny how no one but Betty has the extreme difficulties with the technology? Not even the traffic girl. She is not a fit.

      • Hey Mark,
        I have not been on SFTV’s site in months, but I will have to admit…..I think the replies you have been getting on all of your posts are correct. I haven’t chuckled this much all weekend. Good grief do you have nothing better to do but sit on this webpage all day? Get out in the community and volunteer. I do have a recommendation for WPLG management, but it is not about their system…..guess it is really a reality check……..do they know Ugly Betty was cancelled in 2010?

        Going out to do some lawn work now. Mark….you need to get out more too. Turn off the TV and the computer. Have a nice day.

    • Very well put… even before her promotion had been announced I noticed the technical trouble. And she makes it so obvious… It remains baffling to me how she got promoted while much smoother talent got shown a lesser shift.

  31. Watching Trent deliver the weather this morning. He has a natural delivery and confidence and a very different style than Betty. The guy is good at what he does, and I’m sure he’ll be snatched up by another station soon. Our loss.

    Julie Durda is growing on me very quickly. I’ll admit that lwas skeptical and felt WPLG had made a huge mistake, but after one week, I’m convinced that they got this right. She is so warm and personable, and knows her stuff. I can see why she is so popular among viewers.

    Has Michael Smith left already?

    • Apparently Michael Smith has not left as he is on now with Jacey Birch doing the weather.

      But all this gets confusing…Betty wasn’t on last night (Friday) Trent was and Scott wasn’t on his new weekend gig this morning Trent was. It’s so hard to keep track of everyone and wondering if we will see them again or not. Do any of you insiders know why schedules change so frequently? Even Calvin was off for two nights and Kristi filled in. Was it just to give her a paycheck?

      Is this just to keep us on our toes?

  32. I used to watch channel 7 and am now a channel 10 news fan I am watching it right now. I like the new look, I like the fact that Julie Durda is joining the cast I first started watching 10 news I was channel surfing on a Sunday morning when I saw this funny black weather lady. So, you picked up a new viewer, a new viewer doesn’t know the people who were there before anyway. My mom used to watch Ann Bishop and Dwight Lauderdale. I am a new viewer and am liking it so far keep up the good work!

  33. I am a 10 newbie, I only get a chance to watch the news on weekends I just recently started watching. I don’t really know who the past Weather people are, I think they have a good looking crew now with Julie Durda they just showed the crew a few minutes ago looks good. 🙂

  34. Ugly Betty?
    Let’s keep the convo above board….no more EEO/diversity innuendo’s. SMH..

    Anywho….this horse is dead.

    Moving on to another thread.

  35. Bottom line – Trent got shafted. Betty may be from the 24 hr weather channel, but she’s no chief and will certainly have a tough time as a replacement for Trent.

    As I said before – KARMA will get WPLG in the ratings – or lack of…….

  36. I am so disappointed in channel 10, I have been watching for years, Ann, Dwight, Don, Kristi, Putney have all been staples of the South Florida community. Trent is one of those staples, he worked with Don Noe and was groomed to replace him. Trent works well with Max and I don’t understand what the bosses are thinking.

    Betty Davis worked for weather channel, she is no Jim Cantore, or Stephanie Abrams she is a fine meteorologist but Not for South Florida. Her salary is probably 80% of what Trent’s was, I hope that savings is worth it cause your station will lose advertising dollars. It will happen, Hurricane Season is upon us soon.

    The community likes to be reassured by meteorologists they are familiar with, especially in times of watches and warnings, Trent will be missed.

    We miss him already


  37. So its April 25th and Betty says “Its gonna be a beautiful weekend for football”… UMmmmmm, just because you heard the anchors talking about the NFL draft that’s going on, it does not mean it is football season!! Pay attention Miss Thing!! #PLEASEBRINGBACKTRENT

  38. Can someone tell me what is going on with Channel 10 and who can i email to complain? They have moved Trent and Scott out to weekends and Kristy to afternoons. Julie Durda is just a pretty girl, but not a good weatherperson. Betty Davis as chief Meteorologist? I’ve watched her a few times and she constantly gets stuck. I work all day and can’t watch Kristy in the afternoons. Really upset with all these changes and will no longer watch Channel 10 news.

  39. Last year Betty was reporting the weather on a weekend morning and told her viewers that it was going to be a rainy day and to “stay out of the raindrops” at the Marlins game. Guess she didn’t know the new ballpark has a DOME. Bring back John Gerard!

  40. Betty Davis is so refreshing after that boring Trent Aric. Trent had absolutely NO personality!
    Glad you got rid of him.

  41. Channel went to hell in a hand basket. Julie Durda
    the worst a channel seven castoff, now Trent demoted. Jason Martinez the only good thing left. Not enough for me and twenty of my friends…we are gone.

    • i so agree with Debbi. if you look at all the weather “girls”, they dress like they are going clubbing, short, tight, low cut dresses, all of them look like they have had boob jobs, i find it disgusting. JULIE DURDA? not an intelligent, well-informed, well educated, hard-working Trent, who does what I personally think weather forecasting is all about—-he forecasts and reports what we need to hear well. What a shame. I am now reading the news online and going outside to see what the weather is.

  42. These changes are simply terrible. I have thought for some time the constant changes at WPLG were bad. This is the last straw. Adios!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Sorry WPLG. You made a bad decision with this change.
    I’ll be watching channel 6 primetime news from now on. I was hoping this change was just a temporary thing, but it seems not.
    I’m sure Betty has the credentials, but she’s hard to watch. I have no confidence in her weather reports.

  44. Unbelievable—WPLG booting the best and most credible meteorologists in south florida to weekends at the cusp of hurricane season! Are you all crazy? Can you picture squirmy, fumbling Betty Davis reporting on a cat. 3 hurricane approaching south florida? She’ll be bouncing off the walls when we will need calm reassurance. B’bye ch. 10. Will switch to channel 4…maybe catch Trent Aric and Scott Padgett on weekends for as long as they remain in south Florida.

  45. I am joining the long list of viewers upset with the new WPLG weather line up. I have never written a TV station, but I think WPLG crossed the line. You have put Trent to pasture for Betty Davis? Really? You took a man who’s steamed south Florida through storms for years, and replaced him with someone who doesn’t even know south Florida? What are you thinking???? Am I supposed to trust her alongside Maxw when storms begin to roll across the Caribbean? Not gonna happen! I love Max, but I can’t deal with her and her awkward mannerisms and “dialect”. Please bring back Trent – he’s tried and trusted – why mess with that?
    Don’t even get me started on the new morning weather anchor. I guess WPLG thinks babes and boobs are what viewers want in the morning. There’s a lot of that on their morning show now. I’m done with WPLG.

  46. I was wondering where Trent had gone. I loved watching him and hemremindednme of Don Noe. Always had a smile and pleasant. Betty she’s always seem to be standing sideways or at a slant. I have stopped watching the weather on channel 10. It is not appealing to me. Bring Trent back to the Evening news.

  47. What an odd website, which I found trying to figure out the weather people scheduling for Channel 10.

    I really like Betty Davis – find her easy to listen to, think she dresses like a grown-up woman and not a barbie doll, and quite enjoy that she appears a little eccentric. Really, I don’t care if she wears a weave or not – I’m just relieved to look at someone who doesn’t look like the usual bimbo and isn’t pulled nine ways to creation. As to how ‘good’ she is as a forecaster, well, we’ll find out in the next few months when something starts coming at us, won’t we? so why pre-judge? Seems like she is doing everything well thus far, and if you are working your way up a career ladder and someone offers you a better spot, for whatever the reason, don’t you take it?
    Always enjoy Scott as he is easy to listen to as well, and with a positive attitude that seemed sincere to me, but don’t recall him being around when ‘times got tough’ during hurricane season.
    Trent & Max are (were?) my go-tos when things got serious. So now it will be interesting to see if when the first potential Cat One comes at us this season, who will be talking to us.
    Good luck to them all, I don’t think live broadcasts are easy, and the politics around this – good grief – if what I have just read on so many of these posts is true – I’m surprised they’re not ALL on drugs!

  48. I came across this site trying to figure out why my favorite Channel 10 newscast was in disarray. I have missed Scott and Trent tremendously. I really have nothing against Betty, BUT I really liked Scott and Trent. I trust them. Every night I come home from work and look forward to watching Laurie, Trent and Will….and the Diane Sawyer. Trent is a vital part of that, so much in fact that I have not been watching Channel 10 for several weeks. I have been deciding between Channels 4 and 6. Still have not made up my mind. I really really liked getting my weather from Trent. I honestly believe that Channel 10 will be regretting this decision. They got rid of Charles Perez and even though I was not happy, I kept watching…Not this time. I see how they are and they will keep doing it.

  49. Ask the “Head Honcho” @ WPLG who did ONE, yes ONE survey and came up with the (supposed) majority of the evening viewers were Haitian/Jamaican/Afro-American. So based on that – you have your changes.

    Wonder what they’ll do when their ratings fall behind 4 and 6……….

  50. There were only two things wrong with Trent. He was WHITE and MALE. If he were gay he might have had a chance.

  51. I have never read such prejudice remarks in my life. We thought we were pass such ignorance . Yes, I do agree that the new WPLG format is not the WPLG I have enjoyed over my 32 years of working and watching in the morning. Thus, this is the good thing about AMERICA, you have choice. It is not necessary to make such ugly remarks about the various people of Channel 10. Remember, when you spit in the wind, it may come back on you or your children or children children

  52. not happy about the changes — I am long time ABC channel 10 listener and have now switched to CBS CHANNEL 4 — Trent and Scott are much more professional and the new Julie Durda’s voice grates on the nerves

  53. Have read all the “comments” – and hope WPLG sees that they ARE “numerous” …….. in the end it’s NOT about Race or Gender – It’s all about CLASS and Professionalism. Betty Davis IS knowledgable and Classy and Professional but she still has the Weather Channel Persona. Constance Jones – also very Classy & Professional. Julie Durda – on the other hand – really much Lower Class professionally. Almost anyone can see “why” she is on the air – and it’s NOT about The Weather. She gets by on SEX alone which is pretty disgusting. Her replacement on Ch 7 Vivian Gonzalez has MUCH MORE Class & Professionalism…………..pretty obvious that here in SFla the “weather” is much more about “sex” and much less about the weather………and the “stars” are a definitely gender-based focus………but JULIE DURDA????!!!!! Come ON!!

  54. I watched WPLG because I was so tired of watching “ditsy” weather “girls” (as on WSVN). Now the channel I trusted the most failed me by replacing professionals with the “ditsy” (Betty Davis included). I always enjoyed the professionalism of the WPLG news team. WHAT HAPPENED????? I know how to change the channel and I have.

  55. I WAS a channel 10 viewer! It has NOTHING to do with race!! Trent is so much better. Listen to Betty as she always says “YER” instead of YOU! She does not have the class nor stage presence that Trent has. So sorry to find out today that Scott is gone! On a prior post -if it is not broken, why fix it?

    • hard to believe this whole change …. I switched to ABC except on the weekends …. sad to lose Scott completely and Trent has more class in his little finger than all of them …… cannot stand Julie Durda’s voice and unprofessional manner

  56. Those looking for another station, I now watch NBC 6 for evening/night news and weather. The two anchors Trina and Jackie are great and the meteorologist is also very good. Try watching!!!

  57. I emailed the station back in April wondering where Trent Aric had gone. I thought it was odd that they had moved him to weekends, and Betty Davis as his replacement is just plain bad. Several people have commented on her ‘awkwardness.’ I agree whole-heartedly! It is to the point of being unwatchable. Trent was smooth, professional, intelligent and easy to watch. I’ve watched Channel 10 since I moved here 16 years ago, but I just can’t watch this anymore. And it has nothing to do with Betty’s gender, race, or anything of that nature. It’s the delivery, and the mannerisms…and Bless her heart for trying to run the control gizmo…it is just painful to watch.

    • She’s still trying very hard to fit in. But you can still see that she’s not comfortable atol.

      What every happened to Scott?

      • Scott went to Texas (their gain-our loss) … sad times at local 10 for sure — so after many many years — we have moved on

  58. The only successful “adoption” from WSVN is Laurie Jennings, however, she left for a few years in between. I am so unhappy about WPLG removing Trent Aric from doing the weather. He had was Max Mayfield has and Don Noe had when doing the weather. He also had my unqualified confidence to be accurate and not exaggerate during hurricane season. You can’t put a price on his kind of work product when there’s a big storm headed this way. Roland Steadham s back from Utah; we watched him while he worked in San Diego too. Why Durda? Seriously. Durda is such a let down and an insult to professional women everywhere. If she continues to stand like that, and clomp around in platform heels, she’ll throw her back out and drive me crazy at the same time. Let’s see her handle the pressure of long days behind the weather desk – over dressed, over made up, and over matched by the written word and real life weather which can kill. Ms. Davis is welcome for her knowledge and breaking barriers for women of color. She should quit trying so hard to force the chemistry with the anchors. It makes me uncomfortable for her. Bottom line is I want to watch Trent Aric for many reasons and if he’s gone from Channel 10 so am I..despite being a loyal fan since Dwight and Anne’s days. Show Durda the way back to sensationalist Channel 7 where sex and violence always lead, even in the weather report.

      • Just competition between the women. Yesterday Constance Jones wore a dress that was split up the side. Today Julia Dura wore a skirt split up the front. Both split was very unprofessional. They are not dressing professional atol, which is very disgusting.

  59. Look, South Florida weather is easy — hot, humid, scattered showers in the afternoon — UNTIL IT’S NOT!! . . . Then the weather becomes a matter of life or death!

    Sure, when he first started Trent was a geeky little snot from the Mid-west but he served for years under the tutelage of Don Noe who had put in years under Walt Cronise (remember him?). Betty Davis is wa-a-ay over her head!.

    Now, I don’t mind some “eye candy” — especially in the morning — but, in the “eye of the storm,” I want somebody there with real life experience. Hell, being veterans of several big blows, even Julie and Roland give me more confidence (as long as Max is around!).

  60. I turn on channel 10 and check to make sure haven’t hit the 7. They were/are notorious for having woman, talented or not, dressed in very tight clothes. But very nice clothes so they looked like well-paid hookers. I see that “local 10” now has the same clothing policy. Dress the women in clothes so tight and the male viewers won’t care what they are saying and the women won’t notice the lack of talent. Julie DurDUH! Did 7 realize she was a few slices short of a loaf?? Probably snickered when she showed up on a competitor.

    I demand equality. I want all the men dressed in really skimpy, tight clothes. Trent will have to go since he was talented and knew how to deliver and instill confidence in his forecast. Bring in some male bimbos -to deliver the weather! Maybe if rain predicted they could have wet T-shirts on?? We will make an exception for Max-he doesn’t have to get half naked for hurricanes.

    Trent was groomed by Don Noe and actually learned trial by fire. He and his bride were to be living on the beach and we had a storm so they lived with Don Noe and family and got the immediate feel/fear of storms (for those that were here for Andrew) and the 200% it takes to be tv weather person during a storm.

  61. Thought I was the only one who was wondering what the hell is wrong with Julie Durda’s voice! Drives me nuts! And, I can’t concentrate on the weather for wondering if Betty Davis is anorexic! She should not wear tight fitting dresses! I heard her ask for a random act kindness re some ice cream just now! Yes, someone bring her some! Lol

    • Trent Aric is so professional … excellent delivery, amazing use of his hands, is dressed immaculately, and reports the weather with clarity and understandable knowledge … we believe he outshines by far all Florida weather meterologists!!!!

  62. When Betty Davis comes on, I change the station. Two reasons:
    1. She is not accurate and her delivery ( telling us what we can do with our sunny weather) is annoying. Why does she get so much air time?
    2. She blathers on as if she is being paid by the word or auditioning for Broadway. Poor decision, WPLG.


  63. Well, Betty has been made Chief Meteorologist – something they said wouldn’t be done.

    What a slap and disrespect to Trent. If I were him, I’d look for another gig where you are respected for the talent you are – and give a stereo middle finger on the way out.

    Jennifer has gone blonde, but that doesn’t help the fact she can’t do a forecast segment without fumbling.

    The rest of the team – who are they? I stopped watching

  64. This is not a color issue, Dwight was great for 30 years and so is Calvin. But Trent is much better than Betty.I was watching ch.10 since Ann Bishop and Molly Turner.But no more. It is just wrong bumping Trent.

    • I agree with you on all newscasters….but the station does not want to hear what the watchers and listeners are saying…..Betty has not warmed up. She has not been able to walk across the set without peg legs…..and that hair she is so proud of….is nice…but come one we are watching the weather report. During the hurricane scare we recently had…it was so nice to hear the calm pleasant voice of Trent and then he and Max were on together. Trent never once interrupted Max…not once. Betty continually interrupted Max. How many years now….I don’t watch often because her report irritates me and her actions….her robotic movements….and her little sayings…with no personality. Please listen and bring back Trent.

  65. I agree, Trent Aric is by FAR the more likeable, professional and deserving Chief meteorologist. And this Betty Davis woman OBVIOUSLY has some sort of hate relationship with Calvin Hughes and keeps throwing barbs at everything he says. It is such a huge turn-off. Ever since she came on, I no longer watch Channel 10, I have moved to Channel 7. I just keep wondering what (or who) exactly she did to be put as Chief meteorologist. There are SO many viewers that dislike her and that have left…why is she still there? She is annoying to no end. WE WANT TRENT ARIC BACK!!!

  66. I have stopped watching your weekly News ever since you moved Betty Davis into replace Trent Aric! Davis is an obvious choice because she is a woman and Black, you’re attempt at ethnic diversity has cost you viewers. Trent by FAR is the more likeable, professional and deserving of being the weekly Chief meteorologist.

  67. I have been watching WPLG 10 since the 70’s and nothing at all personal against Betty or any other Weather forecaster but channel 10 messed up here. Trent was there best option for the long term and they let him slip away – wow a channel 10 VP should be fired for this one

  68. Trent was and is very professional. I think channel 10 is way off base on this one.
    Trent deserves better from his employer

  69. so far no at at channel 10 cares what the viewers think. I still don’t watch channel for the under handed what you did Trent as Chief Meteorologist . If severe weather please have Trent on because Betty is absolutely no comfort and no confidence in her.

  70. My concern is for the safety of the following groups of people.. in addition to everyone else’s safety during this move to relocate to safer territories. Who will help relocate: prisoners; hospital patients too critical to move; the homeless ones on the streets; families that may not have transportation or money for gas; mentally ill; and more? How are the state and city workers obtaining feedback from these types of problems or situations.. to ensure that everyone can get out of Hurricane Irma, Jose and Whoever may follow as a high grade hurricane? Talk is one thing. Where is help for these? Thanks. I don’t have the resources myself but is anyone in the press searching for info about this matter?

  71. It’s 2018 and I am STILL not watching Betty Davis. The years-old comments about her delivery style still resonate loudly and accurately. WPLG really understood how to kill the “golden goose”. The refrain is STILL, “Bring Back Trent”.

  72. Betty Davis is terrible. Personality and looks are bush league for a market like South Florida.
    Get someone better and I would keep watching

    • I agree. Get a good looking weather girl even if her delivery sucks I would be mor in linden to watch. Her hair is so fake too it looks stupid

  73. Why do they need both Brian Norcross and Betty Davis. Watching them talk about hurricane Dorian and Norcross has all the credibility. Davis should stick daily rain forecasts only

    • I agree why? She is so stupid every time she comes on the air she has to say “I’m Betty Davis certified meteorologist”. What is a certified meteorologist mean….. probably nothing cause her forecasts are as bad and inaccurate as anybody else’s. Her banter with the rest of the news crew at the end of the show is just so stupid as well. Her personality is terrible And she’s nothing to look at either. Why is she on channel 10? I prefer the skinny gay guy on the weekends and the other weather guy in the afternoons.


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