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Megan Glaros’ Replacement


Scott Padgett currently the chief meteorologist at KOKH FOX25 in Oklahoma City is replacing Megan Glaros. Glaros is leaving WPLG next month for a weekend weather and entertainment job at WCBS in New York City.

Padgett’s first day on the air at WPLG should be around April 18 just in time for May sweeps.

KOKH.com Scott Padgett bio at KOKH FOX25
Local10.com Megan Glaros bio at WPLG Local10

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  1. FINALLY! South Florida has a morning meteorologist that is not an enhanced Bimbo. I’m glad to see that WPLG has hired a good looking man to offer “eye candy” to the rest of us. Welcome to Miami Scott!

  2. Nice Don!
    I am sure if someone drops the “balls” there would be a rugby scrum to pick them up! People could get hurt.

  3. Mimbo? I thought the correct term was Himbo!

    Anyway, The morning show could use a some good new talent. Hopefully this guy will be good enough to offset some of the weaker elements (how many times can Joanna say accident in the same accident report when talking about an accident causing a slow down because of an accident?) Never thought I’d say this, but I miss Jen… LOL

  4. OKC is 45 with 3 stations that have the tools & people to cover the severe wx in Tornado Alley… then there is KOKH Fox25 with an A.M & 9PM show. He was a one show guy. When it came to WX coverage Fox 25 is not a player.

    Ratings good for Idol etc but 9pm drops off to half or less of 3rd place ABC at 10pm and Morning show gets hashes & dashes.

    We wish Scott well in the “Hurricane” capital but the “Tornado” capital really didn’t know him.

    Sunshine Day!

  5. I am a long time viewer and this change has forced me to move on. Megan was the last bright spot in a weak lineup.


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