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cbs4.com gets dugg up


A CBS4.com story made it to the front page on Digg with 118 votes as of 6.44am.
Digg.com – Suspects In Sean Taylor’s Murder Burned Evidence

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  1. Not really a big deal a simple search shows Local10.com with 5,329 diggs on a story, nbc6.net with 1481 diggs, and wsvn.com with 1,399 on stories.

  2. And that means? I care a lot more about the fact that after the sun goes down, those three websites have virtually no news updates. If I want news on the weekend, fugeddaaboutit. A few weeks ago a cop was shot on a Sunday night and 4 was the only website with any news. That’s what I digg. I was at a meeting a few weeks ago where the woman who runs 10’s website said only 2 people worked on it. The guy from 4 said he has a staff of 8. It shows. They people on all the websites work hard, but news happens nites and wknds too.


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