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Boston Manhunt Coverage Notes


After incredibly tense 23 hours the manhunt in Boston is over, thankfully. In terms of coverage, predictably WFOR, WTVJ and WPLG relied on their respective networks for the majority of the coverage.

WSVN, no surprise really, chose to go it alone. They have been on non-stop since very early Friday morning re-broadcasting their sister station WHDH in Boston until little after 6am Friday morning when the WSVN team picked up and used their own reporters during the day. Interestingly they also aired some WCVB (NBC ABC affiliate owned by Hearst) video on and off. WSVN reporter Kevin Ozebek and photojournalist Augie Conte who were dispatched to Boston right after the bombings have also been live from the scene all day as well.

WHDH had exclusive video available and its reporters got some great interviews and information out and as the event was unfolding early in the night CNN International relied on them and WCVB for coverage.

Nationally it seems, at least going by tweets, NBC is getting the most praise from people for having a measured, well rounded coverage. That in light of the wrong information that was disseminated by CNN and FOX.

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  1. WSVN was the first local station to break in to coverage when main anchor Craig Stevens appeared on air around 1:30 in the morning to toss to CNN coverage, which later became WHDH coverage. Stevens and Christine Cruz also appeared at 5:00 a.m. to introduce coverage from WHDH. WSVN stayed on the reamainder of the day, using some content from sister station WHDH, but mostly South Florida based reporters, including Nicole Linsalata (who got in at 5:30 a.m. and worked all day), Sheldon Fox, Adrianna Hopkins, Eugene Ramirez, Rosh Lowe, Derek Hayward, Mike Marza (who also came in overnight, but did not appear on air in the morning), Blake Burman, Liz Nagy, Alexa Helms and others. WSVN relied on the strength of our talented team of local reporters to provide the best coverage (again) of the biggest national story America has witnessed in quite some time. WHDH helped, but none of it would have been possible without our talented team of anchors and reporters.

  2. What was wrong with WHDH website? It was down or somewhat not working when the most critical information was needed.

      • Don’t they use Mirror-Image CDN to power there site? All other local stations had no problem from what I can remember.

        • They do use a CDN. I think there were caching issues, maybe? I know my WSVN live stream briefly had problems last night around 8:30pm.

          Also, WHDH was re-broadcast on CNN International. A lot of the photos aired internationally were tagged WHDH or 7News so they must have gotten slammed with traffic.

  3. In sentence,WCVB (NBC affiliate owned by Hearst) is wrong.
    WCVB Newscenter5 is now ABC Affilate station.

    You know, WSVN’s sister station WHDH is NBC affliate station.

  4. 7 was great. ABC anchor, Diane Sawyer, should retire. She was so overly dramatic really strange with
    every question she asked reporters you could not listen to her for long. Reminded me of election night melt down. Scott and Brian gave complete and insightful info on the other networks. They were very accurate
    and precise yet cautious. Again, Diane Sawyer came off like a cheerleader. Terrible.

  5. NBC national coverage on Friday evening dipped into coverage from NECN. There was supposedly some important information or photos on the regional cable network. After one failed attempt to switch, the successful switch included some garbled conversation and someone cursing live on NBC’s air. NBC broke out of it quickly and Brian Williams was quietly apologetic.

  6. Wait….were all those reporters really in Boston? I’m not in Miami anymore, so I relied mostly on the internet and some NBC to watch all the events in Boston. I had also watched WHDH’s stream briefly but it was impossible.

  7. From TVSpy, Hearst-owned WCVB(ABC) drew the most viewership.

    ?Boston area rating

    ?7:00-9:00 pm:

    WCVB (ABC): 10.4 rating / 23 share with 609,000 total viewers (10.5 / 22 with 259,000 A25-54)
    WBZ (CBS): 7.3 / 16 with 427,000 total viewers (7.1 / 15 with 175,000 A25-54)
    WHDH (NBC): 6.7 / 15 with 392,000 total viewers (9.1 / 19 with 226,000 A25-54)
    WFXT (Fox): 5.0 / 11 with 292,000 total viewers (6.9 / 15 with 171,000 A25-54)
    NECN(NBCUniversal): 0.8 / 2 with 44,000 total viewers (0.7 / 2 with 18,000 A25-54)

    ?8:00-9:00 pm:
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was taken into custody at 8:43 pm.

    WCVB: 11.0 / 23 with 645,000 total viewers (11.7 / 23 with 289,000 A25-54)
    WBZ: 7.6 / 16 with 447,000 total viewers (7.6 / 15 with 187,000 A25-54)
    WHDH: 7.1 / 15 with 417,000 total viewers (9.8 / 19 with 243,000 A25-54)
    WFXT: 5.9 / 12 with 345,000 total viewers (8.4 / 16 with 207,00o A25-54)
    NECN: 0.8 / 2 with 46,000 total viewers (0.7 / 1 with 17,000 A25-54)


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