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Ciao, Ciao! Irika Sargent Leaving WFOR


Those promos of Irika Sargent the last few months on WFOR? Pretend like they didn’t happen. The WFOR CBS4 News anchor is barely a year into her job and is already on her way out in what is easily the shortest anchor stint in the history of South Florida TV news.

Fellow CBS-owned WBBM Chicago just announced Sargent is joining as weekday evening anchor a month from now on October 19. A native of Kansas City, Missouri Sargent was quoted saying “As a proud Midwesterner who embodies the core values of our region, I am curious, fair-minded and inherently connected to the people and places that make up the heartland of our country. I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to live in Chicago and be a part of a news team that is committed to providing original”

Irika Sargent, also a licensed attorney, arrived at WFOR last year from KPRC after the station spent months interviewing various candidates for the job. At the time sources told SFLTV Sargent was one of the few candidates CBS HQ approved of, after nixing most candidates WFOR GM Adam Levy and news director Liz Roldan had in mind.

We’ve yet to hear what WFOR is up to but from the way things look, they can’t afford to dither, what with ratings and sweeps just around the corner.

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  1. Wow, that was a short stay. Can you say “stepping stone”?
    I wonder if WFOR will promote from within this time. If so, the obvious choice is Cynthia Demos. I follow her on Facebook and when Irika was hired, Cynthia’s fans had a fit, thinking that she was going to get the job permanently, instead of filling in between Shannon Hori and Irika. We’ll see what happens this time.

  2. It’s kind of insulting given the nonstop promos. Jobs don’t just fall in your lap. Her agent must have been looking. So were WFOR execs blindsided or just stupid?

    • Both WFOR and WBBM are CBS O&O’s, so I doubt anyone was blindsided. They were probably told by HQ that this is the way it is.

  3. No matter how your look at it this does not bode well for 4. Just when it looked like they were getting all their ducks in a row, boom! Guess she just had a one year contract and were she lands
    will tell a lot. Thought her and her co-anchor jelled very well but the true reason will surface shortly.
    Their last nightly female anchor landed back in Louisville, Ky. where she started 19 years ago so lets
    hope she fares better. Good luck, seems the good ones always move on to greener pastures.

    • Intheno, from what I understand she is from that area (Kentucky) and has family there and I think it was her decision to go back home.

  4. What a surprise. Leaving one violent city for another. I think the crime reported every morning can only be topped by the crime report out of Chicago. We have all had our fill of drive bys and senseless violent robberies which now fill the airwaves out of Miami and it is always the same group of people who are shameless. Shocked that more have not left.

  5. It was just announced by CBS$ that Rudabeh Shahbazi has been promoted to evening anchor and Lauren Pastrana is now the morning anchor. I guess they don’t feel that Cynthia Demos is the right choice. I think they are wrong. I like Rudabeh and Lauren, but Cynthia should be back at the anchor desk on weekdays. Either in the morning team, or mid-day with Elliott, or evening main anchor.

    • Cynthia Demos has anchored weeknights in the past. She did the 2nd half of the 5 and the 10 pm newscast on My33. This was when the 5 pm anchors were also do the 6 pm newscast. Now it’s Walter & Lauren doing the early mornings, Elliott doing the noon & 6 pm solo and Rudabeh & Rick doing the 5 & 11. They could have Cynthia co-anchor the noon & 6 pm with Elliott but guess they prefer going the solo route with those shows.

      • They’re trying to be like WCBS, CBS O&O in New York with two anchors at 5pm & 11pm and a solo anchor for the 6pm. Which I don’t understand.

    • Sorry, that Lauren is really weak. Looks like it is back to 6 for good morning news. Cynthia Deamos needs to shed a few pounds if she wants to be taken seriously in the anchor chair.
      Saw her doing a report on location and was shocked to see she has not lost her baby weight. Got to call a spade a spade. Too many in shape women in the market place for her to be considered.

  6. I haven’t been able to stand Cynthia since Palmetto, but she’s paid her dues and deserves an anchor spot. Shabazi is simply a pretty face, her delivery is awfully stilted.

  7. Loved watching Irika! She seemed to be a mover and shaker with connections that allowed her to get those sought after interviews with celebrities in New York and California. She didn’t seem to fit into the dull image that WFOR projects. I wish her success in Chicago!

  8. Irika was a breath of fresh airI wish her well and hope she can survive the roughness of Chicago.

  9. I was wondering what happened to Irika Sargent…. I really enjoyed watching the news again since she came to Miami…. Very polished and professional, and yes a breath of fresh air…. So sorry she left Miami, will miss her reporting, but wish her the best…. She seems to keep moving up!… She deserves it!

  10. I liked Irika Sargent she was classy and had a “sparkling” personality. She was not here too long. When she came I said she would not be here long because she was black. This is South Florida you know and I did not think she would be treated fairly. I am glad she left but I believe it had to do with her treatment here. Miami is not as diverse and open to it as they claim they are. Whoever gets her will get a “prize” .

  11. Cynthia Demos is good but not great and Riannan Ally was really, really good but Irika was great. I think when they picked Irika over Ally that is maybe why she left. Riannan should have been picked- she was good and had paid her dues. But when they picked Irika Ally had to leave-it was a slap in the face .


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