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Video: Roxanne Stein, John Favole Say Goodbye to WPTV Morning Show

WPTV Roxanne Stein and John Favole

In a somewhat strange turn of events WPTV has decided to shake up its morning news team by moving longtime anchors Roxanne Stein and John Favole to WFLX. Stein and Favole have anchored Newschannel 5’s morning newscast for the past 21 years making them the area’s longest running anchor team and have, even recently, held up well against the competition, sometimes doubling the ratings of their closest competitor which makes for a curious decision on WPTV’s part.

WPTV anchors Mike Trim and Ashleigh Walters will be taking over starting Monday September 7 with Favole and Stein staying as anchors of the WFLX morning newscast from 7am to 9am. Then starting September 14 Favole and Stein will return to WPTV for the 11am hour with a new newscast that sounds like Today-show light featuring hard and light news fare, including a cooking segment with top local chefs.

The Rachel Ray Show, now airing in the 11 am time slot, is getting pushed to the 12-1pm hour. Let’s Ask America, now airing 12:30pm to 1pm, has been canceled by Scripps because “the audience affinity settled at a level that is below where we want it to be” according to a Scripps spokesperson quoted by Broadcasting & Cable

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  1. Notice 10 whites and 1 Black. pathetic TV station, that’s when you know the are racist never want more than 1 Minority..that’s why i don’t watch this channel station.

  2. I’m sure the station couldn’t care less if you watched them being the racist you are zofaroni. Apparently,the station wants ‘talent’ not quota and they have that. Roxanne is hard to take early in the morning but Lisa isn’t.


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