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And a Happy Birthday to Former WPLG Meteorologist Scott Padgett

Scott Padgett KTVT CBS 11 formerly WPLG

Happy 40th to former WPLG meteorologist Scott Padgett, who makes turning 40 look so good.

Scott still has quite the following in South Florida even though it’s been a almost a year since he left for KTVT in Dallas. We get literally hundreds of viewers weekly just from South Florida who still come to SFLTV looking for information about him.

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  1. He was a very good with weather. Another casualty of WPLG moving out white American males. Their weatherman, who just won 2 Emmys, now does weekend weather.

  2. Shame he left. WPLG should’ve done what they could to keep him. Wish Trent Aric would do weeknights. He’s the chief meteorologist!

  3. He has a good reason to smile on his B day. 10, who dumped on him, is in the middle of
    a ratings death spirial with no end in sight so Scott now believes in Karma for sure. Hope things are going well in Dallas because he deserved better. Replaced just because he is a white male will haunt that station for years. Local 10 News my ass. More like LOCO 10 News.


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