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KDFW in trouble


KDFW in trouble with the FAA too
Few days ago badboys WFOR and WTVJ had their choppers fired up because of a high speed SUV chase down to the Keys they got in trouble with the FAA, because of the no-fly zone restrictions imposed by the agency. Yestarday it was KDFW that followed a speedingtruck on fire going towards Fort Worth, near Ft. Worth Int’l Airport. KDFW is in trouble now with the FAA as well, for possibly violating the no-fly zone near the airport.

While we are on the news chopper theme
Who’s got the best news chopper digs? Let us see. Whether images or videos of South Florida news choppers, or elsewhere, send them to fltv@yahoo.com along with as much stats of the chopper as possible. The images and videos will be featured on this site, where hundreds of visitors daily will be able to vote for the chopper they like the best, so this is your time to shine 🙂

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