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WFOR CBS4 snached the #1 spot for midday news and for some later spots. Their ratings are up 20% from one year ago 5pm, 18% at 5:30pm and 19% at 6pm. For the 11pm slot, they lost 9% from their audience. Their 10pm newscast produced for UPN33 News at 10 beat out the more established WTVJ production WB39 News at 10. However, the combined ratings of both newscasts don’t even come close to what WSVN has for their 10pm news.

WTVJ NBC6 on the other side, gets the big chair for top late weeknight newscast, although their late new lead over the marked is diminishing.

WSVN FOX7 is seeing a ratings decline since Rick Sanchez left, but they still are number one at 5pm and 5:30pm. And their “Today in Florida” show which runs from 5am to 9am, is not only number one in the mornings, but also beats the network produced morning shows! For 10pm The News Station still has the biggest audience.

WPLG ABC10 is number one at 6pm with a 7 rating. One ratings point in S. Florida is equal to about 15,726 households. WFOR, WTVJ and WSVN were separated by a four-tenths of a ratings point for this time slot.

Overall, WFOR is the highest rated english-language station, followed by a tie of WSVN and WPLG, and WTVJ after them, and UPN33 and WB39 trailing next.

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