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Journalists who risk it for the cause


I have great respect for anyone who’s putting their life on the line be it journalists or soldiers. Maybe it’s because I wouldn’t do it, actually I wouldn’t do it, one of the reasons and benefits of me moving to the States was that I wouldn’t have to attend the mandatory military draft in Bulgaria. Especially after seeing my ex-boyfriend getting close to a suicide. Thankfully there are those among us who’re not chickeny and are willing to go where those like me wouldn’t. In this case it’s CNN producer Kianne Sadeq and her experience at the Najaf mosque where Al-Sadr is hiding. I think I’m not the only one that tends to forget all these reports and images we watch and read about are actually filed by real people with lives and families back here, some of whom could be killed and sadly often do. Click below to jump and read more about it

Sadeq: Experience inside Najaf mosque ‘fearsome’

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