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Latest insider info

    WPLG’s Will Manso has been removed from the 5:30pm newscast and is being tried on mornings and weekends shifts, apparently the suits at 10 have found something to be unhappy about. And according to my insider Manso was slated to be the replacement for Dwight Lauderdale
    I lied yesterday (not on purpose I promise) when I said Jawan Strader was to join UPN33 soon, in fact he already has made his on-air debut last night. Watch this space for image caps and possibly a video tonight at 10, if I don’t wander off and forget
    Also, you know how Lynn Martinez was missing in action for 2 weeks? Well it could have been because she had a boob job done and needed some downtime. At least that’s what I am being told. I have noticed she’s looking like a hot mamma recently and good for her

Of course as always a big thanks goes out to one of my good tipsters who alerted me to all this info.

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