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Good morning


If I promice to be up at 5am and watch only Today In Florida I wonder if he’ll stick around? What I reaaaallly want to know though is how long before “Living it up with Jonathan”? M?
Beach, speedos, running … in slo mo … towards ……… me?

Wait that was my dream from last nite, nevermind. Carry on


  1. That little guy? He looks like he is right out of highschool. Jackie’s left boob is bigger than him. 😀

    Now Elita Loresca…that is something to get up for in the morning, or in my case set the tv tuner to the first few minutes of the 5am news cast 😀

  2. Thanks for the addition of Jonathan………a really cute guy doing a great job at WSVN………and happy new year to you….glad to see new postings on the site……..guess it’s the slow time of year.

  3. I have seen Jonathan a few times. I am glad we have him. Seems like he is a keeper and that seems like a great idea. I am just wondering if they’ll put him on Deco Drive? That would be even better.

  4. I am glad to see they are filling in the weather department. He seems comfortable on air. I like that he never talks to us like we are unable to understand the weather. Just the same, he has personality and seemingly a stake in his forecast. I like him. The group seems to think he is a permanent fixture which is good. Hope he stays with them.


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