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I am itching to do something with the site, I can’t decide what exactly it is that I want to do though. Or maybe I do … this design is starting to bore me, not so hot for the colors especially,I might change it completely or refresh it, haven’t decided yet. The station pages seem a little unorganised and plain, I kind of started work on them and stopped.

Name change? might happen, possibly, in the future, who knows

Ideas, suggestions? I think more videos judging by the 20GB of traffic for October

Speak – comments or link to the right in the red box

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  1. How about profiles of our favorite reporters? Michelle Konsinski is a top notch reporter. I would like to see more of her work. Or a profile of our not so favorite personalities….cough*Rick Sanchez*cough 😉

  2. By profile you mean video? That wouldn’t be possible I think, unless they or someone submits the videos, otherwise there’s no way I can do it on my own, especially when it comes to previous work

  3. No, maybe screen caps. History/bio. Something better than the fluff that you would find on the tv channel websites. Usually when a reporter switches to another tv station, the new station website may have a blurb that they once worked at a local station. Maybe you can have a history of the a reporter’s coverage of some big stories?

    Oh yeah, I also like to keep up to date on some favorite former personalities. For instance I read an article about my favorite weather girl, Jackie Johnson, on how she was saying a “twentieth of an inch of rain” when reading 0.20″ at her new job 🙂

    Haha, I could care less what she says, I watched her weathercasts with the volume down anyway 😀


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