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Brent Cameron comes back to WSVN


After departing WSVN in 2003 to head back home in Indianapolis and take a job at NBC affiliate WTHR Brent Cameron is back at 7. The Indianapolist Star is reporting that Cameron will be back at WSVN again to take the recently vacated weekend meteorologist job, previously held by Tom Johnston who ironically replaced Brent in 2003.

A tipster told me a few days ago Cameron is coming back, I didn’t buy it at first till I saw the short blurb in The Star, and that he’s much improved in the forecasting skills since he left WSVN in 2003.

No info yet as to when he’s starting, but my guess is it will be very soon. Sometimes Jonathan Novack is pulling double duties on weekends working mornings and evenings, and Phil Ferro has shown up on Saturdays in addition to working the whole week.

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