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A promo running right now on 4 stating that begning September 12th there will be less commercials on “CBS4 This Morning”. Great move by CBS4 now if they apply that to the 11pm newscast which 20 minutes or so into the newscast starts this rollercoaster of ads untill 11:35. I’ll post the promo if I catch it on the DVR again

Update: In the promo it says “Half the commercials”. If my calculations are right there’s about 20 minutes of content per 30 minutes of show right now, so half would make it 25 total minutes of content per 30 minutes of show or 50 minutes of content per hour. Very cool, wonder if others will follow

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  1. I love how the promo says “get more news right now,” and then says “coming september 12th.”

    It would also have been nice if they’d used proper grammar by saying “fewer” commercials instead of “less” commercials, but hey, I’ll watch anything with susan barnett!

  2. Hi,

    I love your BLOG. You know what I think would be great? Maybe you could post some bios of some of the better known personalities, stuff like where they went to school, married, kids, years at the station.

    Anyway, the site is great.


  3. The NBC6 morning show needs less commercials!
    But it is soo worth watching it. I soo recommend it as a morning show.
    Like seriously I’m about to switch afternoon stations because of TVJs lack of cool effects and stuff but I don’t care in the morning! The people are really really funny. Lonnie especially. Anyone ever see it? Lonnie has a new little video on their website too: http://www.nbc6.net updated daily (works on all browsers pc and mac).

    So I’ve got a question,
    To the writer of this blog-
    What news station do you watch prefirably. I mean I know you are watching them all constantly to keep up this website, but what about if there was a big news story that you wanted to check out. Which station would you pick?

  4. John: glad you’re enjoying the blog. The anchors and reporters already have a bio on their station’s site si i don’t really see what else I can add here that won’t repeat.

    Dean: Big story I’d probably watch 7. Usually once I get the info I’d tune 10 and 4 and 6 to see what they’re up to. But overall I watch 7news the most with probably 4 and 10 a close second. I watch a lot during the day when I work on my desktop PC so it’s mostly tuned 7 and 10, if Im looking for local news, because their HDTV feeds are the only ones my PC can handle, 4 and 6 broadcast on 1080i and everything stutters.

    Besides, I don’t exactly watch watch the stations. I’d record a good chunk of the broadcast on the DVR. Say WFOR’s 5am to 7am and then fast-forward everything and only stop and record if I see a new promo or something I like. It takes very little time.

    I was on the sofa last night with the laptop and had the TV on CBS4 when I saw the promo so I was able to blog it real fast. Then had to flip the DVR to 4 so when it plays again I could rewind and record it.

    DVR, it’s a good thing 🙂

  5. Lonnie Quinn is a love-or-hate type of figure. I happen to hate him.

    As for the worst morning show in town — channel 33’s, featuring another love-or-hate figure — angela rae.

  6. So they charge more $$ for the same amount of time. I think in general all the stations could benefit with fewer commercials (in total number). What I think is a pain is when the “talent” says, Coming up….and they finally air the story some 20 +mins later. Yes, it was coming, they did not say which century.


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