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CBS4 New Open Video


Here it is

WFOR 11pm Open
640×360 HDTV source
MPEG-1 video

click here to dowload the video

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  1. i absolutely LOATHE CBS 4, but these new changes are hott. It’s about time that they got rid of the cheap ’70s look that they had going…

    this is a very cutting edge and sharp gfx pkg. i like it a lot.

  2. Okay . . . sorry, but apparently you’ve never seen 1970s TV graphics, cause CBS4 was anything but . . .

    But anyway . . . these changes are great!

  3. Will CBS4 use different (not night-time) video in opens for their other dayparts? Will you post the clips here?

  4. There are different opens to match the shows .. the morning show open has different, slightly slower music. The PM show opens are faster-paced. Both are really hot. For the first time ever, 4 has a better open than 7. That’s a lot to say. Kudos to JF and her peeps.

    We’ve been hearing that 7 will unveil a redesign for a while.. hopefully it will be for Nov. cause I’m tired of the current one.

  5. I’m told 7’s number one priority is getting the plex redone by July. And I agree current design has been beat to death and has to go

  6. I can see why someone “absolutely loathe[s] CBS 4”. They cut out WAY too much of the Price is Right constantly. I’m actually glad I live in the West Palm Beach area because my CBS affiliate News 12 is better, although you all will disagree with me completely. I hope WPEC stays a CBS station and that neither WTVX nor WTCN take over CBS.

  7. I do like 4’s new open, I still think 7 has them beat. I really am not looking forward to the resedign of the Plex, especially if they do what they did in Boston to WHDH. I hate the WHDH re-design and hope they would be smart enough to “hype it up” in Miami.

    How are they gonna do that, will you be able to see construction during the broadcasts or will they move the news desk?

  8. Okay. 7 does not have them beat. 7 has a graphic open, which is lovely I’ll agree, but for anyone to say 7’s is better is in my opinion ignoring the amazing work done by the people at 4. Not only does the open have great graphics, it integrates amazingly well shot video–with bold, bright colors.

    Also, as for the plex, let’s hope they do something soon cause it’s starting to look a little (okay, a lot) long in the tooth.

    On 7 in Boston they set up a chroma behind the desk and chroma keyed in video of the plex shot before construction began, so the viewer didn’t “feel” the difference.

  9. Well, you all have a lot to say. Unfortunately i havent seen 4 newscast lately but I will check it out this evening. The ones post on here look great but I would say they have beaten 7. 7 should tone down on the red, white and blue though. And I am long awaiting the new newsplex. The current one is really old. They should incorporate some of that which the other channels do. Like 6 flashes over to the weather guy and they just go all over with the cameras. They really need to change the newsplex. Espeically that part where they do the standup by that silver looking screen.

  10. i’ve seen the schematics for the new NewsDesk and it is HOTT!!!…they’re going to change it to the 7 Breaking News Desk and add a huge plasma screen. The desk itself will change to some kind of blue plexiglass thing instead of the metallic look.

    also, instead of the small, repeating “7News” and red railings all along the 2nd level, there will be large, light-up, single 7News signs. the large “circle 7” with the american flag in the middle will be replaced by one of those 7News signs i mentioned

    what else…i believe that they’re changing the TV wall from old TV’s to new flat screen ones with some kind of metallic piping or something…

    it’s hard to describe but its looking good…none of it has been built yet, though…they’re currently working on a cheesy American Idol Finale set.

    i don’t see the whole plex being finished by July…maybe just the newsdesk.

    hopefully by November it will all be done.



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