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Dennis coverage promos


Here’s some promos for the hurricane Dennis coverage. I couldn’t catch anything on WTVJ so far I’ve only seen them run Weather plus promos.

The videos are in WMV format, between 5MB and 12MB, 640×480. Video link

I’ll add video of the opens tomorrow if I don’t forget.

Let me know if you guys think they’re too large for you. I wanted to render them without pixelation but if you think they’re too large I can always post them in a 320×240 format.

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  1. Well, you got to remember 7’s promo was 15 seconds so, it probably going to be short and simple. It’s only fair to compare promos that are the same length.

  2. Brian lost his voice. He was working around the clock Thursday and Friday and Friday night, it went out. Word from Key West has it he was really hacked off that he couldn’t report the story, so he ended up field producing pieces for Dave Malkoff and Jawaan Staiter. Did anyone catch him on the CBS Evening News Friday?

  3. i didnt see that, but i DID see dave kartunen on Fox News Channel during the worst of the storm, also carey codd was on CBS3 from philly. He did the toss back, i’m XXXX XXXX CBS3 eyewitness news.

  4. If the 7 promo is slow for you than you can just increase the play speed in windows media playe … Play –> Play Speed –> Fast ….This way its customed to your own taste. 7 will always be the best and original

  5. I must admit, 7 do need to step up a bit. I’ve been here 4 years now and when I got here, to me the other stations didnt exist. 7 made you want to keep watching. I still love the station but they are loosing that edge. If you promo is only 15 seconds, i think it should be the best 15 seconds. (SHort and Spicy)

  6. Yeah, because “The Storm Station,” clearly stolen from our “Your Weather Station,”–which we’ve had forever, is original!

  7. Yeah, and “Your Weather Station”, clearly stolen from our “The News Station” – which we had forever, is original!

  8. NO it isnt. Just that mean you should just lay dead because there is a serial copy in town. That when you need to be on your heel and come up with your best work. This is not the 7 that i’m used to.

  9. Looks like & premeired their newest hunk reporter during the storm also…JP something or other.guy is a looker…….did a nice job and seems like he will fit right in there.

    Also guess Guraldi really is out at 6 since never was on all weekend trhrough the thick of the storm. Saw him back on tonight at 6.

  10. I think this context refers to someone being ugly. Busted (i.e. ugly, broken, off-putting, displeasing to the eye, etc).


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