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Eeesh they are all doing the hurricane hype


It seems like all stations are going apeshit over the storm. Nothing really surprising there. I have the TV on, skipping channels, and if I land on a local station the volume’s down.

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  1. I hope that you’ll post pictures when the storm hits and on TVnewstalk.net, under the title WSVN HAS NEW GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abc, they’re not necessarily “new”. The graphics are new for this year, but these are the graphics they use when there’s an impending hurricane. They usually bring out these graphics as they unpack the yellow rain slickers and umbrellas.

  3. WSVN must be getting great ratings right now because its the only station not to have Hurricane Information. All of the other channels are glued to the hurricane. There is only so much hurricane information you can take

  4. 4 is hyping an hour-long show at 11. Word is they’ll then come back on at 4am, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go on at 11 and stay on continuously. That’s what they did last time.

  5. I really hope that reporters do not try those stupid things they typically do, like, show pictures of rain on 123 street….or this is a downed tree limb on 456 avenue or worse…”I’m going to step out into the hurricane and see if I can stand up.”

    There are probably reasons why the hurricane center tells people to stay home. But, for some reason…reporters find it necessary to go into a hurricane and try to do something stupid.

    more opportunities for someone to get killed, or at least show how stupid they are and what they are willing to lose for a job.

  6. ib, it’s more like “I can’t see anyone else out here in these 100 MPH winds. It’s extremely dangerous to be out here at this time, because of all the flying debris that might strike my head. There are power lines above me that might fall down and electrocute me, or somehow wrap around my neck and strangle me. There is sand flying into my face and I can barely breathe, and the water is up to my waist. But we’re still out here risking our lives to bring you this extremely important live shot of an empty street near the beach. Wait, I think I see a pedestrian! Sir, why are you out here in the middle of a hurricane?” “I just thought I’d come out and see the sights.”

  7. I think the best was Rick Sanchez on CNN with HURRICANE 1 (the hummer they prepped up) That was too funny! He reminds me of an old cartoon character I will not disclose… :o) I also enjoy watching Anderson Cooper duuring these storms. Ooh..are they coming South????

  8. You may not know that 28news in Tampa (I hate the ABC Action news call) has a storm chaser!!!!! All together ooooooooooooooooooooooo!! More REAL news.

    The above posts are correct. I was not as exagerrant enough to demonstrate my point. However, you still got it. May be after someone is killed or loses an eye etc., stations might stop the stupidity.

    That should be the new logo for FALL – STOP THE STUPIDITY!!!

  9. What do you expect them to do? It’s a hurricane that came out of nowhere and people WANT to watch this coverage. That’s a fact that’s been proven time and again. Leave it to people in the news field to complain about the service that viewers have shown THEY WANT TO SEE.
    If these stations weren’t on, you people would be on here complaining and asking why they weren’t doing more. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t in this market.

  10. (I made the comment about Rick Sanchez)…I am not in the news business, do not even know anyone who is. I do live in South Florida and I am not even watching tv. I want to be informed, but not obsessed. BTW..I did live here during Andrew, and trust me I KNOW what a hurricane is. I do believe that some, not all stations hype news stories. I just want to know if Big Brother will be on tonight?? Maybe on 33, I hope.

  11. Dear Annon (the non Sanchez)

    I was not writting regarding the coverage per se. I was commenting on the Assholicness of reporters who do stupid things during storms. I was NOT commenting on whether the radar of sats should be shown.

    One may be able to argue whether a person needs 24 hours of news when a hurricane hits, maybe hourlies with a radar loop and scrolling information at the bottom of the screen is sufficient. – May be not.

    This is a forum for comments. My comment was that reporters and “news agencies” are assholes for sticking their reporters in the direct path of a potential killer.

    btw, why not butch-up and use a name, even a made-up one. It is hard to take seriously any person who wishes to complain, but, has to hide in an Annon. post.

  12. Important Program Note:
    Due to CBS4 News special coverage of Tropical Storm Katrina, regular programs will not be shown until further notice. Daytime Dramas Thursday and Friday will NOT be re-scheduled.
    8PM Big Brother moves to Saturday 8/27/05 at 11:30pm CBS4 News
    9PM CSI moves to Saturday 8/27/05 at 12:30am on CBS4
    10PM Without a Trace moves to Saturday 8/27/05 at 1:30am on CBS4

    UPN Primetime
    8PM WWE Smackdown moves to Saturday 8/27/05 at 4PM on UPN33.

  13. Thanks, CapeFish..I guess I will find out who was evicted on BB6 through the spoiler website.

    And for IB…
    Anonymous(the Sanchez one) now known as CF


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