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Huge rumor


There’s a rumor flying around WSVN is about to be bought by FOX and become an O&O (Owned and Operated Station) and instead WSVN’s owner Sunbeam would buy WJBK the FOX affiliate in Detroit and also buy Emmis COmmunications, which is indeed up for sale either in one piece or chopped up.

I asked around and was told the rumor is false.

There’s someone who probably gets a hardon from going around talking smack about WSVN and spreading false rumors. Like swapping Sunbeam swapping with Detroit CBS affiliate WWJ which is owned by VIACOM nonetheless.

Just wanted to clear things up.

Meanwhile: work on the newsplex has begun you won’t see anything drastic yet, it will be a while, probably all culminating around November sweeps time.


  1. It’s an old rumor, no doubt. WSVN is a cash cow. That’s why FOX wants it and that’s why Ansin won’t sell.

  2. Let’s put this stupid crap to rest already. There is no way in HELL Ansin is going to sell Channel 7.

    During WWII, Edmund’s father, Sydney, owned a boot factory. He donated boots to the troops, and as a result, because he was such a patriot, the Federal Government asked him what he wanted. He said, ‘ an FCC License.’ WCKT Radio and TV were born (which is why there is a TV and Radio station in the same complex. Edmund went off to Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia to learn how to manage Channel 7 because he knew it was going to be passed down to him.

    Just like James knows it’s going to be passed down to him. Andrew handles the Real Estate side of Sunbeam.

    So enough of the BS. Channel 7 is not for sale.


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