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Joel Brown anchoring today


Richard Lemus is missing in action and they’ve chosen Joel Brown to fill in. He’s not as jumpy as he is when reporting, but he’s damn smooth when anchoring. I expected him to stumble a lot but so far it looks like he’s been the anchor for ever.

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  1. richard lemus is good…no doubt about that…
    but mr. brown did an great job this morning. give the guy some credit.
    plus, he anchored at his last station… he was an anchor/reporter.

  2. I like this guy Joel. I didnt see the news this morning but I am sure he did well. I really wish I had seen it. He is a darn good reporter. I for one like him standing sideways. Lemus is good too but Joel is a better reporter then Richard when he was strictly a reporter. Joel Brown is really good. 7 should try to hold on to him. I think it only a matter of time before another station try to get him. He seems learned, professional and sincere.

  3. This guy has to go. If another channel wants him……goodbye. Richard has much better chemistry with Diana and Christine.Better put out an Amber alert for Lemus

  4. I don’t like Richard Lemus. There’s something flaky with that guy. I can’t quite put my finger on it (not that I’d want to) but something’s fishy with the Lemus.

  5. ahaha. 7up please … I watch 7 in HD and haven’t noticed anything wrong with Richard Lemus, actually he looks even better in HD 🙂

  6. hmm, ya, i don’t wanna hate on richard either…he seems like a cool dude…too bad he’s getting so freagin fat…seriously, he is bustin’ loose at the seems of his suits….and it’s insane that you can see the strees of the buttons, look arefully, you’ll see….lemus is fattus, too baddus!


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