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Kamal Sentenced


Bill Kamal got sentenced today to 5 years in jail with no parole and a $20,000 fine. He will also be on parole for the rest of his life. The media went into a frenzy and all local newscasts are leading with the story.

Miami TV Weatherman Gets 5 years for child sex solicitation

Former TV Weatherman Sentenced

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  1. You know what though? At first it seems like a slap on the wrists, but just think what’s in store for him behind bars. Bubba doesn’t take to kindly to those who hurt children…

  2. Although I believe he gets what he deserves, I still don’t see how he can be charged with child sex solicitation when, in fact, he solicited an adult. I do think we should punish him for the crimes he did commit (his collection of pictures on his computer) not for the crime he “may have” committed.
    Now, if I think about doing drugs tonight after work, should I be arrested and charged with it even though it never occurred…? Or maybe those with rape fantasies…just a thought for further discussion…

  3. I definitely agree with you Tom. I have always had a problem with the whole entrapment thing because thats what it is. Its like that movie with Tom Cruise, sooner we will have a Dept of Pre-Crime. But I think thought that crime itself is soliciting sex with a minor and not the fact that it was his alleged intention.
    But you shouldnt wave a candy in front of a child to see what he is going to do. The natural thing would be to take it. I dont approve of his alleged behaviour but he was set. Can I stop saying allegeed now that he pleaded guilty? I think so, right?

  4. You know, I never really thought about it that way. I still think he’s sick for even entertaining the thought, but you’re right, he never actually did commit the crime. That is unless INTENT to solicit a minor is a crime. Anyone know?

  5. Thats what I was saying, the actual crimes is soliciting a minor. Just the same way they could arrest some one for soliciting a prostitute.
    I think the penalty is a bit harsh thought. Might sound like I am crontradicting myself but 30 years is a bit much.

  6. This is a tough one. I thought I remember reading somewhere that it was the officer that pushed for the meeting. There are a lot of people that believe that cyber sex is the ultimate in safe sex… and would never do in person what they say or do online. So where do you draw the line? Maybe Kamal wouldn’t have gone if he wasn’t proddded?

    I was once solicited in an online chat room by a guy who claimed to be 14 (this was an adult chatroom, not one geared for youth.) By the way he talked, I was convinced it was an undercover officer. I just ignored it. It doesn’t bother me that there are undercover folks out there trying to nab pedophiles, but when the officers are the ones initiating conversations, I think they’ve crossed the line, and it becomes entrapment.

  7. See, that make it seem like they dont have anything else to do so they go force some one to comit a crime. I am so against it. How about you Laura?

  8. Wrong is wrong. Kamal or any other reasonable adult should have known better. Sorry, but I would not allow myself to be baited by an underage minor. He should have known better. A word to the wise, if you’re in an adult chatroom and a 14yr old offers sex..you should ignore that girl or boy.

  9. OMG I’ve ALWAYS believed that, Dre! LOL I live in Monroe Cty, and trust me, they’ll pull you over for sneezing in your car… Really though, you’re absolutely right. Look at those 2 deputies (Broward, I think?) that got arrested for pinning unsolved crimes on people who had nothing to do with it. They get desperate sometimes. Now, I’m not saying that Kamal’s actions should go unpunished, because it’s obvious that he liked little boys (whether he got caught with one or not), but entrapment’s just not right.

  10. You are absolutely correct G and what Kamal did is wrong and stupid, but the government should be trying to help me and not trying to get me to comit a crime. You cant provide an arsenist with gas and match to see if he will set a fire, Duh!!!! thats what he does.

  11. I think its entrapment. He never committed the crime, only thought about it. Its ridiculous. He should have been sentenced to probation and intensive therapy.

  12. Hog On Kamel

    In Bill Kamal, Victim, Steve H distinguishes between pedophilia and preferences.

    Among my pastimes is etymology and I’ll bring my attention to my post from a year ago, Mullahs for Mule Nookie where I quoted an Australian article headline Youth gets…


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