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Loca10 Promo for Kristy Crueger and Matt Lorch

Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Size: 7.6MB
Resolution: 640×480

Click image to download the video


Local 10 Promo for Matt Lorch

Format: WMV (Windows Media PLayer)
Size: 11MB
Resolution: 640×480

Click image to download the video

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  1. Nice and simple. Admin–I have to say I much prefer the QuickTime format/codec you were using for a while over the WMV though.

  2. Not to speculate here, but it seems a bit odd that Matt is being made into this huge star. Is Dwight leaving soon? If he were, it’d be smart to include him in these promos this way to show that he has trust in him. Just my thoughts.

  3. Quicktime doesn’t suck. That’s why Quicktime/MPEG is the compression format of choice for the entire television industry. Sorry Mike, you’re wrong.

  4. anon, actually you are wrong, many organizations with streaming media use WMV format because it is the clearest and best to work with, dayport if you realize it (most CBS & UPN O&O’s) uses WMV. I think viacom is a big part of the television industry, therefore your comment “That’s why Quicktime/MPEG is the compression format of choice for the entire television industry.” is incorrect.

  5. Well Mike, yes, Viacom does use Dayport for streaming media, because it’s low file size and decent quality, but we don’t edit in Windows Media format . . . so sorry, perhaps I was going for overall quality and not in streaming.

  6. Can we pause for a moment to say how awkward and uncomfortable Laurie Jennings looks at the end of these? And how Dwight looks miserable and not happy to be there?

  7. I was testing both Quicktime and WMV. But I might keep it WMV since people who work at TV stations and want to see the videos can’t because they either don’t know how to install Quicktime or can’t due to administrative rights. So I’m trying to be as compatible as possible, even though quicktime makes smaller sizes, slightly though.

    MPEG-1 is where I was going mostly to, but Sony Vegas doesn’t allow me to edit the settings so I switched to WMV and Quicktime.

    I hope the WMVs are playable on a Mac too.

  8. WMV’s are playable on macs with Windows Media installed, and most probably have it on there.

    As far as laurie goes, when is her contract up at WPLG, I am hoping she finds her way back to 7.

  9. They play, but they jump for some annoying reason. I guess that’s why some have said they prefer Quicktime or MPEG because it plays on both the Mac and the PC at the same quality level–and I know this to be true because I run both systems.

    As for those who need help installing QuickTime, visit:


    The link for the free install is right there.

  10. It does take time to render both, even on a 3Ghz laptop with 2GB ram one WMV takes me about 6-9 minutes to render. But I think it might have to do with the software itself. I might have to look at other editing software

  11. Damn it! Shouldnt the comments be on the actual promo rather than the medium. I dont think Dwight is leaving. He’s been there his whole life. I am glad they’ve put Kristie back in the promos because for a while, I thought 10 was subtlely pushing here aside. DOes anybody else think Matt resembles Donny Osmond? Why do they have them on the beach. Laurie and Dwight are awesome together. So is Kritie. I would read anything into the promos.

  12. Admin, oddly, yesterday i found myself watching channel 6 news and I notice that Jose Diaz-Balart was saying good bye to Julia and Tony and then they said they are going to miss him and wished him good luck. I didnt know he was leaving. DO you know where he’s going?

  13. Okay, WARDROBE PLEASE!!!!! Why on earth would you put Matt Lorch on the beach in clothing that blends in with the color of the sand?? Bad plan. Also, his hair–whoever did it–or if he did–it’s different in the studio than it is on the beach. Also, can we mention the part about how they picked the wrong time of day to shoot on the beach, he’s squinting horribly. OR, they could have put him in the shade for the tight shots and lit him. I’ll end with a compliment–sort of–the shots of him and Kristi in the studio are great, the last shot makes him look confident, handsome, and powerful. However, in the last shot, he is the only one that looks like he belongs. Kristi looks awkward as does Laurie (odd because she’s usually hot in promos) and Dwight looks as if he has no desire to be there whatsoever.

  14. Does anyone know if there is a way to download Dayport steaming video to your hard drive or a CD? Or is that format not intended for storage. Thanks !

  15. there is a way to do it. If you get WM recorder, install it, then open it. YOu have to open it before you click the link for video.

    When this happens, the URL will be displayed in WM recorder, once the story is playing, hit record. this will record it to the directory you tell it to as a wmv file.

  16. It seems like in almost every recent promo for WPLG that Dwight looks pissed, I mean c’mon we know this guy has a sense of humor on air.

  17. Mike, thanks for your reply regarding recording Dayport streaming video. Just one question: what is a Windows Media recorder? Is it an external device to record video or is it a program I can download? Thanks !


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