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Maybe not so boring NBC6 anymore


An insider tells me that WTVJ-NBC6 have hired a new assitant news director. What is interesting to note here is that this isn’t just another new hire. This person comes from WHDH where he was an Executive Producer. Before joining WHDH that same person worked at WFOR, and before that at WSVN.

Notice a trend here? If you’ve watched NBC6 lately you’d notice them trying to be edgier and faster paced, take this into account plus this new assistant news director and you’ll see how he or she fits into the overall picture and when you mix it well and let it sit what do you get? You get something that looks and talks like WFOR and WSVN, but it’s on NBC6. No more sleepy news? We’ll see. I was told he/she is “very aggressive and extremely competitive” don’t be surprised to see NBC6 being more hyper than usual.

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  1. I keep saying that they need a new male anchor. Tony doesnt work for me. Julia Yarbough is really talented. Even more talented that Jackie Nespral. Is Jackie on maturnity leave already?

  2. It’s about time NBC6 is getting an update. I just think that they need to get a new male anchor, I agree with WSVNer on that point. Most importanatly, I need a personality from Miami here in Orlando, most preferably (sp?) in WESH2 (the NBC affiliate).

  3. Honestly..TVJ is doing their best to become more competitive here. Bringing Ilyas on as News Director from WFOR was a great move.!..as for WESH, I wouldn’t be surpised if they lose their NBC affiliation. Thier numbers are just downright awful!

  4. I have always liked nbc6!! Now I don’t know about a new male anchor because I am the least sexist person you could possibly find. I like the people on 6 but their effects need some serious work! I also like 7… but 4 and 10 i dont know what it is but i dont like them as much as 7 and 6…. sometimes i just watch 7 for the effects lol..

    Anybody watch bob and pam on 6 in the morning? I think they are pretty good, and as I’ve posted before… Lonnie just cracks me up! haha

  5. Ryan — Ilyas is ASS’T ND, not the ND, and he’s not coming from WFOR. He’s coming from WHDH, Boston. Before Boston, Ilyas worked at 4. And there is absolutely, positively no chance of WTVJ losing its NBC affiliation because NBC already OWNS the station (and has since 1988).


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