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More changes to the plex


Anonymous emailer says changes were made to the video wall in the Newsplex. I’ll have screencaps at 10pm.
The wall didn’t look that much different during the news update a while ago, and the shot of Sharon Melton was kind of tight

Update: here are a few screen caps from the 10pm newscast – link

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  1. Well, it seems i wasn’t wrong and noticed the change in the plex when sharon was doing the news update, but the newswall looks like HDH’s.

  2. Looks so much better!!! They needed to do that so badly. The wall before was dark and dull looking. Looks very similar to HDH. Good move!

  3. I love it. When I saw it last night I was like finally. I was really hoping they would have done something to it because like Newsguy said, it was dull and dark. I wonder when they will add the new stand-up area. I like the fact that they have begun using the second floor some.

  4. They seem to have put these silver strips that run horizontally between the monitors, and now the monitor wall looks much brighter than it did before.


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