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I’m back.
Someone anonymous sent me the rendering of the plex but I’m not posting the pictures. Too big a chance for 7 to kibosh me and I’m not OK with it so I’ll just try and tell you what to expect. Everything will be done in two parts. 1st part being the main two-shot of the anchors.

Next on the renovation list are a new standup area and remodeled news desk.

News Desk
The overall color will be blue. Some evenly spaced red stripes running around the bottom part.
Where the metallic top is now, that will be changed to a reflective surface top and three blue stripes, like the ones behind the anchors, running from end to end.

7News Desk sign will be changed to 7 Breaking News.
The wall with all the little monitors will be blue with that metallic looking sheet with round holes. There will be a large widescreen TV with 2 smaller LCD TVs under it. Thick red stripes on each side, and near those on each side will be 3 LCD TVs under each other. Almost looking like hanging picture frames.

New Standup Area
This one resembles the WHDH stand up area.
It will be blue and red.
In the middle are three rounded tables with thing round bases, almost like mushrooms. Two of the small tables sit lower than the larger one. Again reflective surface, metallic looking base, red at the very bottom.
To the right of the anchor will be a large, what looks like 80-100 inch screen, probably projector.
Behind the anchor is a widescreen TV on a blue background, next to it are three smaller LCD TVs under one another.

The 2nd floor red railing is seen on the renderings painted light gray. The two red columns near the TV wall are painted blue and have a couple of those blue neon lights from top to bottom. Under each row of TV screen there is a gray metallic looking stripe.

Sadly the monitor wall looks like will remain with the same TVs in it.

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  1. having viewed the changes so far, is it just like giving it a painted face lift? like instead of red and blue, we will use blue and red?

  2. think of it as lets say Winamp. You download a skin and the look of Winamp changes.

    that’s along the same lines. They rip the old stuff and just fit in the new ones.

    The only thing built from scratch it looks like would be the stand-up area near the anchor desk.

    Go to WHDH.com and watch their newscast, to the left (looking at the anchor desk) is the stand up area, just imagine more red in between the blue and you will get a feel of what WSVN’s will look like.

    Overall blue will dominate, red will be the secondary color.

    The thing is, the rendering on the photos I saw has the red looking more 3D with black in it than just a flat red color.

  3. The set designs sound very similar to WHDH. WHDH’s newsdesk says “7 Newsdesk” and “7 Breaking news”. I’m sure the stand up area will look similar to HDH’s to. One thing HDH does a lot is have the anchors stand at the “logos” set. That is the anchors standing in front of the newsroom with a whole view of the newsroom behind them. Kind of similar to some stand ups Sports does at WSVN.

  4. I’m just watching SVN’s News @ 10, and jonathan is in the weather set but it haven’t change, but they’re using a tight shot.

  5. Something also must be up with the news desk cause they are doing pretty clost shots of them. Maybe they are putting the plasma in???? Also Why doesn’t 7 hire a hurricane Specialist for god shakes they claim that they are the weather station but to me WFOR has a better meterogist staff than 7 does. They brought Phil in tonight and its like now Johnny boy isn’t even doing anything.. Does anyone know what SVN’s new weather set is going to look like? Is it going to be like WFOR when a sit down area and the drawing computer thingy or is it going to be like WHDH?

  6. It looks okay but still too much of a “bulky/flashy” feel in my opinion. They need something a little bit more modern with more glow, cleanliness, etc. Same with their broadcast and segment intros. They seem too flashy at times and need to resemble NBC6 more a bit. They go for a nicer, cleaner, more artistic feel in their sequences and title graphics. The new set is nice, however. One thing that looks extremely bad however is the logo on the front of the desk. I don’t know what material makes up the (7) portion of the logo but it looks extremely ugly.

  7. The improvements to come sound really interesting. I was hoping they would copy the WHDH standup area so I am happy they will. I am still not feeling the main anchor desk at WSVN. WHDH’s is gorgeous. I was looking last night, they do need to do something to the monitor wall. At least outline with the red, blue or the metallic silver. And looking at it, I am not too enjoying the too big red 7 on the second floor. Too simple.
    I noticed the tight shot they did with the weather set last night. They only showed the blue and white grid with the monitor but i seemed like they changed the monitor there though. But overal, I am anticipating the other changes.

  8. To clarify something, when I say NBC6, I mean I like the style of their graphics though their animations could be much nicer. Personally I’m a fan of WHDH’s graphics stuff and I love watching their broadcasts every once in a while. Their intro is nice, or rather was. I don’t like how they shortened it so much.


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