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NBC6 Post Sweeps Promo


here’s the post-sweeps promo NBC6 is running. New voice-over some nice graphics but really lame music

Title: NBC6 Post sweeps promo
Time: 0:30
Resolution: 640×360 HiDef source
Size: 4.68MB
Format: MPEG-1

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  1. Well….i kinda recorgnize that sexy voice-over, it seems NBC 6 couldn’t keep the old one and instead they’re using the same guy who does the voice-over for Telemundo 51, and i think NBC 6 its taking advantage of it since “El 51” moved to the new Miramar Headquarters, i noticed his voice late last year where Jackie appeared in a promo (i don’t remenber if it was for the “Forever Family” segment or something else), but i’m 50-50% sure this is the T51 voice-over guy, correct me if i’m wrong, and what the f@&* its going on? now almost every station is saying they’re #1, i only trust 7News & Univision 23.

  2. That new VO guy is Charlie Van Dyke, based in Phoenix. Longtime LA radio guy and (for obvious reasons) TV imaging voice. He is not bilingual. If he sounds familiar, it may be because he is the signature voice of TV stations in each of the top 40 markets in the US. But he does not do Spanish.

    As for NBC6 changing voices, it’s not that they “couldn’t keep” the old one … TV imaging is one of the most competitive jobs in the world, so stations have a tremendous talent pool from which to choose. It’s a buyer’s market. It’s more likely that NBC6 has recognized the need to update their image and get rid of the geezerly-sounding guy who’s done their news intros etc for some time now.

  3. They have probably the biggest newsplex in South Florida, it doesnt really suck either. Except for the glass looking thing that people usually put in their bathroom, it an nice newsplex. I like that round thing with screen inside there, really nice for ‘standup’, unique to them too. And Jose Diaz-Balart is always up some stairs and corresponds with the anchors at the main desk. It doesnt suck Mike, biggest and most flexible. Does anybody else agree. 7’s newplex is getting a bit tired. I want to see them change it so badly and i know it will be the bomb.

  4. Dre,

    In general, i HATE NBC6, did when i lived there and still do. 7’s newsplex will be better i think, however i wonder how they will pull it off without letting anything on.

    Am I the only one who remembers the news openers with Craig and Laurie standing outside, I’d like to see that again, I don’t like the new opening promos

  5. standing outside?
    I was going thru my CDs and found a couple I think of them outside with Miami as the backdrop

  6. I know this has nothing to do w/ the Post Sweep Promo discussion, but anyone knows what happen to the intro w/ anchor pics (at the start of the newscast) for all the stations – It seems as if that is a thing of the past!

  7. Ok, just so you all know… NBC 6 does not have a newsplex. The newsroom you’re seeing is the same newsroom they’ve had since the studio was built in 2000. In fact, the newsroom as well as the plasma with the circular “stargate” around it used to be the backdrop for the WB39 news show until they moved it to the main set. Actually they also used the newsroom as the backdrop for the 5:30 from early 2003 until May 2004 when they made the 5pm show 1 solid hour.

    The only difference now is that they simply show the newsroom more often with bumpshots in the 5:00 hour shot with a steadicam. They’ve also added some gobos to the lights to put logos on the walls. And those stairs are great. It’s a great way to have Jose stand and show off the newsroom.


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