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NBC6 loses another long time reporter


Insider says: NBC6 Ed O’Dell is leaving WTVJ and the news business to focus on his own company. O’Dell is a Miami native and has been with NBC6 since 1972.

Bio on nbc6.net

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  1. sad to see him go…. i think though he is falling prey to “out with the old and in the new” syndrome……

    if you watch the news you see new, young faces…..

    sad to see someone with so many years go!

  2. He was very very very good guy to work with, we will miss him and wish him the best of luck….

    Its very sad when you just cant be a good reporter to stay on the air…

  3. I saw his good bye thing this morning.

    It got cut off though… ran out of time I guess lol…
    It was in the middle of a tribute to him and then it cut straight to “Thank you for making NBC6 your choice for news.”


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