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New CBS 4 site officially live


WFOR’s new website has gone live today as of 5pm.

Update 5:29pm: they’ve also introduced blogs. There’s a Technology Blog but oddly it’s not signed by anyone. It could be something syndicated or someone from CBS 4 blogging.

Sadly for some, Dayport streaming video is gone. At least in it’s previous form via an embedded Windows Media player. Now it’s all flash(ed). I can’t say I will miss Dayport streaming since it made me use Internet Explorer

Is it just me or is the sound on the video player a bit too compressed and telephone-like?

Update 7:10pm: Do they have a new slogan for the web site? “CBS 4 dot com where the news is always on”

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  1. The new website sucks!

    The old one was better, but was way too busy. Someone needs to re-do it.

    … way to bland

  2. WTF is up with the trolling here lately?
    By the way, just in case you haven’t noticed, “WFORSUCKS”, if you go to viacomlocalnetworks.com and visit all of the CBS affiliate websites, you’ll notice that they won’t be changing them anytime soon.

  3. lots of hungry trolls need food 😀
    only the O&O sites get changed
    The only thing the previous site had going on for it was the flashy header, otherwise it was too busy and disorganized.
    The new one is really clean and simple which isn’t that bad. And not so cluttered although they’re still trying to be a portal it seems

    Glad that annoying quicktime in the middle of the page is gone too

  4. I personally think “FOR” needs ABC’s Extreme Makeover to change alot for the station, like that boring studio and logo bug, its even more boring than KNBC’s set w/ all the giant screens and stuff, the logo bug although its somewhat original it gets me into my nerves and it doesn’t fit w/ the new website design. the doppler radar its way too old for the webpage w/ that red background, it doesn’t look like a header just looks like and add, and what else? Guys if some of you are w/ me…then add something else.

    (By the way i think “FOR” its a nice station, i have nothing against it, but i think it needs improvement even if the managers @ the station won’t listen to us)

  5. it’s the same thing I said when WBBM in chicago went live, it sux. This flash video bullshit is horrid, nothing compared to dayport. (and I use IE6 and WMP10 and NEVER have a problem). Fortunately if you know enough about the web, you can find a link to the dayport player and pick your vids off of that since the vids will load in flash or dayport.

    Damn Viacom, they have screwed all the O&O pages, o, and wait for the best part, if there is breaking news, like the plane crash here in chicago tonight, the website will be slow as all hell and will take forever to load.

  6. admin, the “always on” slogan is something used by other O&O’s. WCCO in Minneapolis has the same slogan on their website wcco.com

  7. with the exception of the old, colorful header, i don’t miss the old site at all. the new one may be a little bland, but i find it much easier to navigate.

  8. wfor has added staff nights and weekends, they say, to keep the local news more up to date. Saturday nite, only 4 had up to date news. all of the other 3 stations websites were stuck on friday. someone who works there says 4 has people there 6 am to midnight now and weekends, and the people doing the web aren’t kids they are experienced. the guy running the show has been there for years. he used to be on the air, dave games, and then supposedly was in charge of their inveatigative guys. my friend says they are gearing up for a big kickoff next week.

  9. If you think the new O&O sites suck, then you clearly haven’t figured out all of it’s features. And as for those who preferred dayport, one of the major problems was that it was not available for Mac users. Alienating 10% of the computer using audience is way too large a sector for any station to not think twice about finding a way to bring in. And as for the hotness of the video, all of the video–dayport or not–has been too bright since Hurricane Wilma.

  10. CBS 2 and KCAL 9 in LA use the same slogan and website. To me it looks cleaner than their old sites, but the old CBS 4 website had a great background as well as color. We all get used to change somehow.


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