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UPN33’s 10pm slogan


Watching the 70’s Show on UPN33, their 10pm teaser ended with “Get it first, get it fast on UPN33 news at 10”. 7’s slogan used to be, and sorta still is – Get it first, get it fast (sometimes get it all) on 7News, first at 10

Jus’ noticing … 🙂

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  1. The people at UPN33 and CBS4 do not have a brain for themselves. Everything 7 does, is sure to show up on CBS4 in a matter of time. The zooming into monitors, 7’s “NEW DETAILS” was copied by 4 as “FRESH FACTS”, Remember when 7 use to start its 10pm news with 7 news starts “NOW”…that as well has been copied by UPN. It really is shameless.

  2. Thats good and bad. It only goes to show the talent house that 7 really is. They come up with the best of the best. Infact they still do that “7 News stars now” I love it by the way. But on the other WFOR is pathetic. They copy 7’s style and steal their reporters. But 7 will be 7. I cant wait for the plex redo.

  3. brian….pfft…when was the last time that he had a story that anyone gave a rat’s ass about??? all he’s doing at 4 is re-hashing the same tired stories he did at 7…

    don’t believe me? look at all of his exclusives…they are buried in the shows (if they make air at all)

  4. say what you want about Bri, he produces and delivers. he’s one of the hardest workers and most passionate people at the station. and, as far as I know, he’s the ONLY reporter in town turning exclusives on a regular basis. Go get ’em Bri!

  5. Trash Brian if you want, Brie is right, Brian is great! He loves what he does and it shows on Every Story, Everywhere, Every Day!

  6. If 7News was so great why is it that they have lost..Laurie Jennings, Beatriz Canals, Brian Andrews,Delaine Mathew,Brent Cameron,Jackie Johnson,Kate Wentzel,Andre Hepkins,Ducis Rodgers,Charles Perez and…..just in case you dont know, both Sherron Melton and Lynn Martinez have sent out tapes to other TV stations looking for work..pretty sad record….

  7. Lynn had her tape on Medialine about two years ago, but stayed at 7. I guess they negotiated her contract. I hope the same happens again otherwise it will be too bad.

  8. Honestly I’d be curious to know how many bites Lynn has gotten from other stations. I’m not disputing that she’s good, but she does have a very unique, almost over-the-top style that I have a hard time seeing fit in anywhere else but WSVN. With that said, I obviously don’t know if it was scripted or not, but the comment about the cookies on her tape gave me a good chuckle. Best of luck to both Lynn and Sharron.


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