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Video: WFOR talent bump from 2002


WFOR Talent bump from April 26th of 2002. Around the time they debuted fresh graphics just in time for the May 2002 sweeps, featuring a spinning CBS eye logo I thought was pretty cool but they dropped it later on. The do not currently have a talent bump like most of the other stations with the exception of WSVN.

Size: 3MB
Res: 320×240
Format: WMV

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  1. this open wasn’t great (after all, it was PURPOSELY full of jump cuts), but it was better than not having a talent open at all.

  2. I’ve chopped it because it had a long tease that made the file too large. Just imagine it running without the fadeouts 🙂

  3. Regardless of what anyone thinks of it, I’m just glad to see regular video postings on the site again 🙂

    Also, do you have the ones back from when Angela Rae was with Steve Wolford and the background was wishing behing them (keyed) and the anchors walked towards the camera, but in editing they removed pieces so they would jump towards the camera? Those rocked!


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