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Video: WPLG’s new open – 5pm


5pm tease and open
Download Video – 6.3MB WMV format 640×360 res

11pm tease and open
Download Video – 11.1MB WMV 853×480 resolution

I really like the swoosh at the start of the tease, and the sound effects are nice especially if you have good surround sound earphones or speakers. Not sure I like the open being so short, and it doesn’t even have a voice over. What do you think, thumbs up or thumbs down?

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  1. Ehhhhh… like the swooshes and the graphics are great, but I dunno about the no-voiceover part. I think it would sound better with a quick VO: “Local 10 News starts NOW!”

  2. I saw that last night, and remember thinking to myself no VO!? (I don’t watch 10 much…)

    Anyway, I agreee with Rob. Nice graphics, but they should extend it out… you know LIVE from the Local 10 studios in Miami, Florida THIS is local 10 news NOW…. I don’t know lol

  3. Its weird without a VO and it seems like they start talking half way thru before the open graphic is over with but hey it works for me.
    i thought right away “fast pase” and its work for 10.
    got my vote

    but i dont be surprised if they add in a VO in the next few weeks

  4. i just saw the promo and it looks sharp…it is a bit different without the voice over but i like it….. i like the subtle music underneath too…..its not overpowering and in your face….

    why isn’t matt lorch co-anchoring with laurie?????

    what happened to the problem solvers????? are they gone???

  5. Too fast but it has the potential to be something great. The tried something new (no VO) but it doesnt work. The VO adds so much to it. I think 10 has really nice graphics. Better than 4 for sure and up there with 7, probably edging 7. They need to slow it down though and make it more visible.

  6. I have to say their new theme music SU**S!!! I know they used The One and Only package for 13 years but come on!!! They are going the same route that their Post-Newsweek sisters WDIV in Detroit and WKMG Orlando are going by using repetative cheap sounding production music. Couldn’t they go with something better like Frank Gari’s “Eyewitness News” or something from Stephen Arnold or 615. There is one cut that sounds like a cut from TO&O but it just sounds so cheap, at least use a real music package.

  7. I like it, even though it looks like 4. I actually like it without the “news starts now!” You can obviously tell you’re watching 10, so it’s not needed.


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