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Vulture invades Deco Drive


Hilarious. I am so bummed that missed it when it happened. CBSNews.com has the story and it also ran on The Early Show. Apparently Busch Gardens brought a female vulture to the Deco set and the bird took off up in the ceiling instead. Lynn Martinez was so scared she was screaming as the bird jumped on the cables above. Finally at about 2:30am the handlers finally cought the bird.

Good thing they had that baseball on 7 or it would have made for a very interesting newscast at 10pm with a vulture over Craig and Belkys screaming, hahah. I guess this will be one video that will make the rounds for a while, I see Inside Edition also mentioned it

If anyone has the video and is willing to send it, even anonymously, you can use the red box on top right and contact me.

CBSNews – Vulture Invades Newsroom ( there’s a short video too)

10/18 – Thanks to David I have a copy of Deco from last Thursday and I’ll be posting the video later today or tomorrow

update: here’s the video – Vulture invades Deco set 14MB WMV

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  1. That’s crazy. Of all the reporter and animals stories, I still love the lizard attacking the anchor the most, I think it’s from Texas.

  2. The vulturre was still in the studio rafters during the late newscast. I didn’t see it, but I understand you could catch Belkys and Craig looking up out of the corners of their eyes from time to time during the newscast.

  3. I am in chicago and our cbs station ran it here as well, in the video they ran, it looked like there is a big glass wall separating a desk from the “newsplex”, is there glass behind the anchor chair?

  4. Where does the glass start and stop. That glass must me really clean because I havent noticed it. You dont even see the camera lights reflecting in it

  5. The glass goes from end to end behind the anchor desk and it’s tilted slightly forward at the top to aviod the reflection.

    You can see it when they show a two-shot of the anchors, behind them where the glass connects there’s a line that slightly distorts the red 7s on the 2nd floor

  6. You can see it pretty clear with the 2 shot, and from the video of the vulture. It is wierd to see the plex from that angle. It looks a lot different. I wish there was more video. One thing I happen to like about WHDH is that there is no glass wall and you can hear phones and people in the background. You can even hear the police scanners from the newsdesk which are pretty loud. Gives it more of an active enviorment. Also WHDH’s newsroom usually has more people in it, considering it is the office of most of the news dept.

  7. Guys, completely off topic but i was on this website. I saw Charles Perez who I know to be gay but I also saw Louis Aguirre, Belkys, BILL KAMAL, Brian Norcross hanging out pretty gayly. With some really hot guys I might add.

    Its a long link but copy it and take a look.


  8. Joseph,

    This was not just south florida news, stations across the country picked it up and showed it, it is funny, and not something you see very often. Would you rather another Paris Hilton story or to see some funny shit happen in a tv studio?

  9. I started looking at some video of SVN and you (once you know about it, thanks admin) look at the video, you can tell the glass is behind them. so my next question is this: is the actual studio where the anchors are really small?

  10. I enjoy Lynn Martinez on Deco, but I wonder how the director of the show puts up with her high-pitched yelling, especially on this occasion.

  11. lmao…that’s right! they have a “collection” of her laughter and screams, and they use the “sound effects” when she’s not there.

  12. this is to answer Mikes question, I took a tour of the WSVN studios (it was a private things they still dont give tours due to 9/11) and its acutally kinda big because this is the set up you hav the desk opposite side you have the green wall next to it you have the weather center with the globe and the sign and the whole deal then on the left of the green wall you have tho Sports Xtra desk then farther down next to the Sports Xtra desk you have the audio booth then further down you have the Deco set so its a pretty big room little further up there are doors there the get “camera 3” thru there so the get the steady shots of a breaking news story at the news desk. like if they need to do weather or sports rite after the breaking news story theyll get the over-shoulder one and use that one (thats why the shot is not that steady) if you have any other questions regarding the plex just ask me I got to be there during the whole entire shooting of the 5:00 news on a saturday and I got to meet Charles Billi and Sharon Melton. I will try to get some pictures up if you would like to see them keep checking back at myspace.com/wsvn7

  13. congrats brandon. when i went (with my private tour as well) i couldn’t go into the studio, because they were doing the noon news. we just went into (the studio) briefly throught the side to take the stairs up the newsplex to get to the control room, and then from there, down the back stairs (where i got to meet carmel cafiero) and to the edit suites, etc.

  14. finally
    posted a video of the vulture. Thanks do David for sending it to me

    Took a while to figure out how to convert it without having audio drop offs


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