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You can’t see boobs on cable even if you want to pay for it. It’s indecent!


Or that is at least what one senator wants to do. Republican Ted Stevens from Alaska speaking before National Association of Broadcasters said he wants the same indecency rules broadcast TV plays by applied accross the board to cable and satellite, including pay-per-view. What got the senator so upset that he wants to regulate TV and erase all those evil words off it? He watched some show and was shocked at the dialoge which contained “four-letter words as participles”. When Kat Sunlove of the Free Speach Coalition blasted the senator’s speech saying that parents can just opt to block the programs using channel blocking, that is built into cable and satellite boxes, or just not subscribe to pay TV the Senator responded with the very predictable responce “parents can’t be all day at home monitoring the kids”.

So let me get this straight. Because some deadbeat or lazy parent can’t or is too lazy to watch over their kids, I’ll have to watch a sterilized version of “Real Sex” (on HBO).

Broadcasting & Cable (via LostRemote)
Stevens Vows Cable-Indecency Crackdown

CNet News
Cable, satellite next in line for indecency fines?

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