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CBS4’s aaah-mazing coverage of the brush fire?


Anonymos emailer says: “CBS4’s Brush Fire coverage this evening was AMAZINGLY DONE! It’s all online at www.cbs4.com/video

Best this or best that is rather subjective and I can’t comment since I didn’t watch. CNN Pipeline had the Sky10 feed so I pretty much knew what was the smoke was about before the news at 5 started.

Fanboys and girls feel free to duke it out in the comments.

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  1. please! you gotta be kidding me!!!

    there were NO homes in danger…no risk of the fire spreading further (blocked on all sides by highway or canal)

    there was absolutely no need to do 15-20 minute special reports…give us the facts and move on…this isnt hurricane season folks!

  2. 4 does these “Special Reports” too often, IMO. Seems like they always interrupt The Price Is Right for something minor.

    More specifically, their coverage of this fire seemed like the coverage of the other stations. Nothing special.

  3. True, it isn’t hurricane season. But, it is spring training time, right? Gotta practice for when you really need wall-to-wall coverage, right? Hmm, break in to Price is Right, so there’s no plot to interrupt but a large audience who can sample your news product, right? Ever notice how often 7 breaks in (who cares if you pre-empt Matlock?), but if everyone interrupts their schedule, 7 races back to regular programming? The oneupsmanship in local news is amazing. Too bad they don’t care nearly as much about accuracy, spelling or grammar. There’senough good news people in this town who would really shine at a well-run news operation, not one obsessed with cross-promotion or other non-journalistic concerns. One more thing: doesn’t South Florida deserve its own 24 hour news operation like New York, Tampa Bay and other large areas? Comcast, are you listening?

  4. ccc… I’ve also thought about the 24-hour cable idea in this market. I suspect a problem is that the market is so split between English and Spanish that it’d be hard to get enough viewers. But I could be wrong. Maybe when Comcast takes over Adelphia, the idea will have a better chance.


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