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Controversial shock jock joins CNN Headline News


From the guy who said the people who were left in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina were the “scumbags” comes a new show on CNN Headline News that will be “conversational, not confrontational”. The network has given Glen Beck a slot yet to be determined for a new one hour show. This is also the guy who said it took him one year to hate 9-11 families.

Am I the only one who thinks that CNN HN will be the network that will target Fox News with these oddballs to preserve whatever integrity CNN has left?

Here’s an audio of what Beck said on his radio program – mp3 file from MediaMatters

TVNewser – Glenn Beck coming to Headline Prime

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  1. You must be one of fourteen people in the country that watches Keith Olbermann’s Countdown on MSNBC. No, I don’t watch his show, but I regularly listen to Glenn Beck’s radio program. Yesterday, Beck responded to the “Hurricane Katrina scumbags” and “9/11 families” comments by saying that Mr. Olbermann has taken his comments out of context. On Beck’s program, the “Katrina scumbags” he was talking about were the New Orleans “hoods” shooting at rescue helicopters after the floods and he was criticizing SOME of the 9/11 families that received millions of dollars from the relief fund and are now almost BROKE. What the hell did they do with all that money?
    Olbermann and his staff need to do a better job in their reseach before reporting anything. If he did, maybe he will O’Reilly over at Fox in the ratings. I think Beck will be a valuable asset to CNN Headline News primetime line up. I wish him luck.


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