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A new reporter will be joining 7News soon. His name is Don Guevara and he comes from Central Florida News 13 in Orlando. Thanks Michael

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  1. WSVN has been given the tiitle (by me, which is like shit) of the Biggest News Team Ever! I think… Atleast in Sth. Fla.

  2. This is kina stupid, but I actually counted and 7 comes in at 32 news team members (including weather/sports) but 4 has 40.

  3. Funny Don Guevara was known here in Orlando as Donald Bendz. Sounds like we may be pandering to the hispanic demographic in So Fla are we WSVN??

  4. He should be ashamed of himself if he changed his name in order to appeal to the hispanic audience. This is news. People shouldn’t lie.

  5. Sometimes its not his choice, but management’s.
    Its an easy thing for you to say, but if part of the deal
    for getting a pay check is to change his names…who cares.

    How many people in TV use ON-AIR names and no body makes a big fuss.

    Besides, its a great way to protect your privacy.

  6. Maybe he got married and changed his name to his spouse’s.
    Then SVN can continue pandering to their two favorite demographics.

  7. maybe all of you guys are jumping to conclusion. i submited this website to admin. Maybe the website it self got it wrong??





  9. I wouldn’t call WSVN one of the top stations. They do well in the ratings at time becaus etheir viewers are idiots. Who is the typical Channel 7 viewer – black, poor and uneducated. The others are youg kids who don’t have a clue what good journalism is. Channel 7 shouldn’t call their news NEWS. It shoul deb called entertainment. NO matter what anyone says, the fact of the matter is 7 appeals to an audience that has been taught to think news is whatever garbage Channel 7 puts on. Screw them all. Local news has gone to hell. It’s time we do good stories that people really care about. The person who does this will be doing something good.

  10. Mr Deamon (or should I say KKK Kramer)

    So according to you what are the good stories that people really care about?

    Just want to know what a narrow minded individual thinks what news content should be?

  11. First how do you know what the demographics of 7News audience are? So all the white, rich educated people watch which station?

    I haven’t taken a poll on the educatedness and wealth of the average 7News viewer but I did notice that JM Lexus seem to have all their TV screens tuned to 7News, or Headline News.

    Such stupid, poor and uneducated audience comes there. And all the black dudes in pimped out Lexuses are dumb as rocks I tell you.

    Lets be fair.
    Junk news are shown on all local stations, not just on 7. Often times flipping channels back and forth you can see not only do all 4 stations have the same stories, but they run them almost in the same order!

    The only difference with 7 is they over-exagarate things. Kinda like Italian men, no offence to italian men. Some people call that passionate or just loud mouths, like me. Ha 😀

    If you believe majority of viewers think of most local news content as news, rather as important news, I’ll come up with something to sell you.

  12. Mr. Deamon
    Nov 27th, 2006 at 8:05 pm
    He should be ashamed of himself if he changed his name in order to appeal to the hispanic audience. This is news. People shouldn’t lie.

    you make me laugh.

    My only comment is:

    SVN has been a cash cow for many years. Losing NBC some 20 years ago may have actually helped them. I am sure that many of the station employees at the time were doing something brown in their pants wondering if they would have a job. Well, it not only kept jobs (loosely speaking) it added jobs.

    Whether SVN is a news leader or not is about as amusing to discuss as discussing Couric on CBS. Who cares? People have opineions – fine. That is why there are more than one channels. If you don’t like what is there, change it.

    Please do not try to convince anyone that barfing complaints about SVN, or any other station ad nauseum, is intelligent conversation.

  13. WSVN is my station. I am not educated and middle class. I agree with Admin. All the other stations are becoming more like 7. If you think about, the number of viewers are declining because peope can get there news from other sources, primarily the Internet. Credit to the stations that can maintain their audience.

    Like it or not, it will come down to who can hold the audience. I should have something else to look forward to other than the same new i can read in my own sweet time on the net. This is where great sets, graphics and charismatic anchors come in.

    7 has made some mad decisions over the year. For example, allowing Delaine Mathieu and Beatrice Canals to leave. Not to mention my boy Andre Hepkins (damn, boy was phoine). Laurie went to the network so I wont include her. But they still kick ass.

  14. Why should this guy be ashamed of himself? Local news has become more like entertainment. At any rate, the bottom line is money. If he changed his name; on his own or because of upper management at the station-it has to do with money. Both may feel the spanish speaking market is a target demographic that they ought to dominate. And as far as I am concerned, I probably would have done the same thing-it’s nothing but an extra nugget to secure longevity in a field where you can be dropped like a sack.

  15. could Brent be Brent Cameron of 7News? we all know you changed your name as well as Charles Billi, Rosh Lowe Phil Ferro to name a few.
    7 News is South Florida’s version of Inside Edition.
    Trash news doesn’t appeal to me..I am sticking with Local 10

  16. Considering the nutjobs that are some viewers every on-air person should be using a name other than their real one. I used to get some of the weirdest emails from viewers asking me if this or that on-air personality were single, gay or straight, contact info, if I can set the up on a date and batshit crazy requests like that. SHouldn’t be a big deal using a pseudonim, if anything management should encourage and even require it

    Besides, in a few years there will be one instead of two anchors and maybe no anchors at all. This is 2006 not 1976 the time of Cronkite and Murrow is long gone so get over it already. It’s doubtful most viewers care if the person in the TV uses their real name or not.

  17. Phil Ferros real name is Fidel Felipe Phero.

    Does anyone know what is Charles Billi’s real name?

  18. i think billi’s first name is joseph. i can’t remember what his last name is but its something polish-sounding..

  19. Paul Deanno also changed his name. I don’t know what the real name is but it’s not Deanno. I think It’s Deanscvitz or something


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