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Permanent adios to 7’s weather set


Anonymous tipster says 7’s weather set a.k.a. weather center is no more. Torn down completely and hauled out, just an empty void in it’s place that will probably be filled in by something else soon. Probably a standup area/weather set.


  1. i dont think in all the 3 years i have lived here in South Fl that i have seen them use it except once or twice and that was durning hurricane Charlie where they interview the met. guy.

  2. The “weather set” did nothing for that portion of the show. It was a waste of space. Not to mention its disconnection to the main set, with so much news in FL being weather related, one would think to design a weather set which is part of a news set, not an after thought.

  3. Question for someone who may know the current layout of the studio—

    was the weather set build where the old (sort of) circular wall was/is, near the glass doors which opened into the old newsroom (pre-Plex days)? or where was it constructed?

  4. I guess I just don’t pay attention to the background much. I don’t have a CLUE what you guys are reffering to. Any pictures?

  5. The problems with the weather on wsvn has more to do with the “talent” such as Loresca rather than the set. If they want to improve the weather segments they need to clean house.

  6. Laura:

    Only thing I could find. Haven’t seen it in a long time either, so it may look different than this picture. If I can find any more pics, I will post them.

    Ignore the fact that Bill Kamal is in it. Please. 😉

  7. Can’t argue with “the truth”. A very good point. I find it amazing what 7 calls “professional appearance”.

  8. Could 7 be upgrading their streaming capabilities and speeds? They could also be testing a different type of player? many possibilities. – They could also see how many complaints they get, in order to know how effectively it is reaching into the community (doubtful).

  9. Im going to take a tour of WSVN soon I will take a camera and take pictures and email them 2 u guys so u can see wut new things r changing

  10. to answer IB’s question…

    the weather set was/will be located across from the anchor desk…basically the opposite wall from what you see on TV (the tv wall and “7news”)

    it’s next to the sports extra set and the chroma key (green wall for wx/sports)

  11. Brandon,

    I went a couple of months ago on an “unofficial” tour (since they don’t allow tours), and I had a camera with me just for that reason, and although I have pictures of the exterior of the building and lobby, they didn’t really let me take pictures inside. (although when i was left alone outside the control room for a moment, i was able to snap a blurry pic of the newsplex from upstairs).

    However, I don’t know who you might know, so you might have better luck than I did.

  12. ib/the truth—you two are clearly insane to suggest wsvn’s weather woes are related to that goddess Loresca….She is the 1, singularly appealing thing to that entire stations broadcast (oh, and Solis)…both super duper outrageously gorgeous hotties….and that they do their job well is a bonus!

  13. DJB, or any others
    Correct me if I am wrong, is not the PLEX located where the old prop room was? The anchors at the desk sit just inside the studio to the left of where the (pre-plex)news desk would have been located?

    basically the back wall of the plex(where the new huge 7s are and the large monitor) is on the west side of the building? right?

    Therefore, if correct, the old control room still has a large window which looks down into the studio/plex sort of area.

  14. ib-td,

    I’m really not old enough to know where the old prop room was, however, I DO remember hearing something about that in several other places, so for the most part, I would think it’s true. The back wall of the newsplex is actually on the north side of the building. And, if I remember correctly from what I was told, the big bosses’ offices upstairs look down into the newsplex. (the offices are up and left (west) of the newsplex).

    The monitor wall in the control room is on the north side of the building, and the only window in that room is on the left which looks into the sound booth. There’s no logical way that the control room would have ever had a window into the newsplex, so I imagine they’ve relocated it since then. (unless it’s the master control room, which I didn’t see). Hope this helps.


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