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WNYW Pranked Live


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  1. FOX 5 NY and Jodi Applegate I reckon aren’t the only ones who found that to be very inappropriate. I definitely, definitely don’t think Rupert Murdoch will ever want the Neistat Brothers back on any of his FOX affiliates, especially after what they pulled on FOX’s “Good Day New York”.

    I, as a TV viewer found that to be very inappropriate too.

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. i agree with you Eric.

    what i meant by my comment is that Jodi seems like the kind of reporter that would annoy me….

  3. If I were the anchor I’d probably be upset, but as a viewer it was quite funny. And there really wasnt much blood (or fake blood) shown on the camera, so I agree with Mr. Admin – Whats the big deal?

  4. I wonder if the career of th eNeistat brothers will soon be in jeopardy or if the two of them will be arrested or not.

  5. Arrested? They didn’t brak any law. The worse that can happen is perhaps FOX WNYW will sue them for some kind of breach of contract, but arrested, I dont think so. As for their carrers, well I have no clue who they are so I can not speculate.

  6. I think the prank was wrong but funny and that she took it a little too far with the over reaction. It became a little self promoting. She made her point, thenshe should have moved on by the time they came back from commercial.

  7. Dean, I agree with you. When she got on to them she had a type of attitude a teacher would. Like when they say to a kid STOP! That was the type of attitude (I perhaps) understood.

  8. relax, lighten up and chill ya bone heads….it was a stupid, not necessarily funny prank that jodi totally fed to become what it is today….classic! it is funny now! hahahahaha……….


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