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Don Noe’s Secret


WPLG is running a promo about a secret Don Noe has. Allegedly it’s so big that it’s a 10 on the hurricane scale. And he’ll reveal it Thursday, November 1st at 11pm.

The day sweeps start.

My bet is he’s announcing his retirement. Or he has a new dog. Or he discovered a way to kill hurricanes.

What do you think is Don Noe’s secret?

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  1. The way they have been pushing Trent Aric lately, it has to be his retirement. Does anybody have an idea when his contract expires?

  2. I hope he is not retiring. I may love SVN for my news, but for my weather LPG is place I turn. I love Done and the whole team. PLEASE don’t retire DONE NOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The secret is that they spent a lot of time and $$$ on Max Mayfield promos and they have had no hurricane coverage to hype this year.

  4. Think outside the box, folks… It’ll be Megan Glaros taking over for Don Noe. They don’t want to lose her.. and the morning shift sucks.

  5. You have it all wrong. He is announcing that he will now be batting for the other team in an effort to fit in more with the newsroom environment.

    He is also announcing that he is getting a nice set of implants in order to compete with young upstarts like Meghan.

    Ron B.

  6. He is taking over the job as Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins. And gaurantees a winnig season.

    Good Luck Don in what ever you do !!!

  7. think outside the box…retiring is not a BIG secret!!!! if he was giving Trent his job, then why isn’t Trent included in with his commercial? And shouldn’t Trent be the one with the secret and not Don?

  8. person, thats what I was thinking 🙂

    Isn’t the person who’s head of the position a temp.?
    It’d be awesome if he got the job, he’s more than paid his dues.
    But Im sure he’d love a break too.

    I believe he’s in his early 50’s?
    My uncle has been a cinematographer for WPLG for over 30 years so I usually get gossip w/e I see him. They went through a phase when brought on so many new people at once (Megan, Jen, Jacey, Janine, Yvonne, etc.) bc the trend in the industry is to bring on newcomers bc you can pay them less than the veterans such as Noe, Krueger, Lauderdale etc.

  9. renee,
    get a clue, they’re already running commercials where don and max (dwight and laurie too) are talking about how great trent is… that’s why they’ve been having trent do weather with don for awhile.. to get everybody ready for the handoff to trent…

  10. Now that Trent has the promotion (with, I assume, a significant salary bump), I bet wife Ahsley White will turn up expecting in the next year or so (is she actually on the Dolphins cheerleading squad? So far, I have not found any photographic proof of this (though it could be that I just haven’t look hard enough)).


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